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Ariana Grande's "Questionable Stain" Tour Merch Is So Bad It's Actually Iconic

I need the d*ck stain shirt immediately.

First of all, before we begin, I have to clarify, I'm not hating. I'm a Britney Spears fan first and foremost and we are subjected to the ugliest tour merch ever created.

Case in point, when Britney fans paid $40 to get an exclusive tour shirt...and this is what they were sent.

We joined @britneyspears’s fan club to buy this shirt for $40 and we still had to buy tickets on stubhub. I’m crying.

It's so bad it's iconic now.

Did anyone else get this shirt for the Britney Spears Tour Club? It was such a let down that it is now iconic 😂

That said, Ariana Grande just started her Sweetener World Tour and her merch is...questionable.

It's not me saying this, it's the fans.

It seems like the clothes are part 2001 Delia's catalogue and part New Jersey boardwalk spray paint t-shirt booth.

I don't...get it?


The quality has also been not so great.


Interesting choices.

But the real attention getter, the real MVP, is the blue squiggle "dick stain" shirt.

Yup, a dick stain.

Here an enthused fan shows off his bounty.

I mean, I love dicks so I love it...

His eyes scream "Yas queen."

There's also a squiggle that says USA.

And blotches and the word "Europe."

In conclusion, bad merch happens to good people. This isn't just an Ariana problem, this is an everyone problem. Hopefully, someday, the fans will have more control of what they get because let's be real, we know what we want and we're the ones paying $50 for a t-shirt anyway.

ariana has a whole fandom of talented people who couldve released their talent on her merch designs and yet decided to do this

But seriously, someone buy me the dick stain shirt. I need it.

The end.