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    26 Pictures That Prove Everyone Should Be Able To Eat On The Subway

    And not just because I'm hungry.

    In case you haven't heard, the NYC subway system is going to shit. The MTA is deciding to re-evaluate a rule that would ban eating on the subway. To this, I say: Fuck you, MTA! We all need to eat on the subway!

    1. Riding the subway wouldn't be the same without the smell of everyone's delicious food.

    2. One day you might smell the sweet, spicy aroma of a burrito...

    3. ...the next a juicy hamburger...

    4. ...and if you're lucky, it might even be a yummy t-bone steak!

    5. It's like you're getting a tour of the cuisines of the world while you're commuting!

    6. Everyone knows that food is more fun to eat while you're surrounded by people in silence.

    7. Why eat your pizza at home when you could eat it with all your subway friends on the floor?

    8. This guy has the right idea, he's eating an entire wheel of brie cheese! Bono appetit!

    9. I mean, where else are you supposed to eat your Cheerios?

    10. On the train, DUH. It's the perfect place for eating an entire tub of delicious Greek yogurt.

    11. Yum!

    12. The train is also perfect for dinner.

    13. It's like one big dinner party! EVERYONE'S INVITED!

    14. And really, there is nothing more romantic than dinner and a train ride.

    15. Eating on the train literally brings people together. It's the great unifier.

    16. Can you say "PIZZA PARTY???"

    17. Everyone knows noodles taste better when in motion...

    18. ...mashed potatoes, too.

    19. And corn on the cob? You really haven't lived until you've munched some damn cobs on the train.

    20. Can't wait to eat your clam chowder? No problemo! Eat it on the train!

    21. Worried about wings getting cold? Not a big deal, eat 'em right there!

    22. After all, there's nothing more fun than riding the train and guessing where those bones belonged from. Archaeologists shouldn't have all the fun!

    23. And it's important to remember: by eating on the subway you contribute to the ecosystem around you.

    24. Food overflowing from garbage cans can sustain our furry little friends.

    25. 😊

    26. In conclusion, keep on eating!