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    Please Help Us Figure Out What These Carrie Fisher Tweets Mean

    Please help.

    There was a time when Carrie Fisher tweeted about simple things like great dog names... words...

    ...or something about calling people "fuck-o's."

    For those who don't know, Carrie Fisher is basically the new Cher.

    Recently though, shit has completely hit the fan and no one has any idea what the fuck is even going on.

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to your own personal emoji hell.

    Carrie Fisher has seemingly invented her own emoji language.

    It's terrifying.

    Twitter is so confused that Twitter wants to translate it.

    Twitter thinks it's Polish.

    And that's not the only one! She's been doing it quite often lately.

    There's something about pimp juice in this one.

    This one is about Paul Simon?

    This is an Alan Rickman tribute:

    And yeah, no idea:

    And also no idea:

    So, if you could, please help decode these messages.

    And Carrie, if you're reading this, can we please get a full alphabet of your emoji language?! We want to be on your level!