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24 Pictures That Prove That Not Everything Is Completely Terrible

Most things are, but hey — we still got these.

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Yes, everything is terrible right now but...

1. This seal is still chilling in a beach chair.

2. This dog just celebrated his re-election as the mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota.

3. And this dad totally one-upped his daughter's snap.

4. These people made a human chain to save a dog.

5. This zoo just named a camel the best name.

6. And this selfie stick changed this man's life.

7. This puppy beat cancer.

8. This grandpa got his groove back.

9. And these comments about a senior dog are the best things you'll read today.

10. This dad is living his best life.

11. This woman still spoils her chickens.

12. And this grandpa is cooler than you.

13. This school just upgraded its yearbook.

14. This sheep just found its light.

15. This dog found a new best friend.

16. And so does this goat:

17. And here's a picture of a little kid and a giant stuffed animal.

18. The lady on Honey Bunches of Oats still has your back.

19. Dogs are still riding motorcycles.

20. And this kid just made a bunch of people really happy with all that hair.

21. This girl's 13-year-old brother is pretty cool.

22. This is love.

23. And if all else fails, pop a piece of popcorn using your straightener.

24. And, if nothing else, at least Jackie Chan has still got a big ol' thumbs-up for you:

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