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    28 Things The "B" Should Have Stood For

    C'mon IHOP!

    For the last week or so IHOP has been teasing a name change. They were "flipping" the name and changing the "P" to the "B." Now we finally know what the "B" means.

    The company formerly known as IHOP

    The "B" stands for burgers. Fine. OK. I'm up for a taste test! Buuuut, I was hoping it would be something better. The following is a list of things I wish the "B" stood for.

    IHOB, I guess

    International House of...

    1. Irish music legends and supergroup, B*Witched

    Sony Records

    2. Babadook, queer icon

    3. Betty Spaghetti, doll

    4. Babe, pig in the city

    Universal Pictures

    International House of...

    5. Beans, from Even Stevens

    Disney Channel

    6. Blu Cantrell

    7. Bob Dole


    International House of...

    8. Brandy (featuring Monica)

    Atlantic Records

    9. Beth Broderick, the aunt from Sabrina The Teenage Witch


    10. "Bitch," the song by Meredith Brooks

    View this video on YouTube

    11. Brian McFayden, former MTV VJ

    Lawrence Lucier / Getty Images

    12. Bjork

    Afp / AFP / Getty Images

    13. Butterfinger BBs, the retired food

    International House of...

    14. These bug things


    15. Brian Dunklemen, former American Idol host

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    16. These bowls that everyone used to have


    17. B*A*P*S, the movie

    New Line Cinema

    18. Brock, the rock type gym leader from the first Pokemon Game

    The Pokemon Company

    International House of...

    19. Boots, like when someone hurts their foot and they have to wear a boot

    Nycshooter / Getty Images

    20. Balloon Boy all grown up


    21. Bosson, a Swedish pop star who was nominated for his song “One In A Million” from the film Miss Congeniality

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    22. Billy Zane

    Paramount Pictures

    23. Blue, da ba di da ba di

    24. Bianca, Mariah's alter-ego

    International House of...

    25. Brendan Fraser in Bedazzled

    20th Century Fox

    26. Betty White reprising her role as Rose in Golden Girls

    Buena Vista Television

    27. Barbara Corcoran, from Shark Tank


    Annnnnd, lastly, International House of...

    28. Bebe Rexha tweeting about wanting to live in 1940s Paris

    Bebe's deleted Twitter