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These Pictures Of The "World's First Socially Distanced Concert" May Be Our New Reality, And I Actually Kind Of Like It

Well, this is certainly a unique concert experience.

Sam Fender had an outdoor concert at the Virgin Money Unity Arena in Newcastle, England on Tuesday, in what the promoters are calling the "world's first socially distanced gig."

There were people drinking beers, wearing face masks — you know, the new pandemic norm.

Girls holding beers

The only difference was that it looked like this:

People in socially distanced pods

We're officially living in some sort of podded twilight zone.

A closeup of the pods.

As you can see, everyone was allowed to stay in an individual socially distanced pod.

Girls dancing in a pod

There were 500 pods total...

...and up to five people were allowed in each.

It could be that I'm deprived of most social interaction, any form of normalcy, or happiness in general...but it actually looks pretty fun to me.

People with a cut-out giant head in a pod

Like it looks like my ideal concert: no sweaty drunk people, no pushy problematic cool teens, and no messy queens thinking they can sing like Mariah screaming in my ear.

People dancing in a pod

This is one pandemic thing I don't mind staying!


People cheersing in a pod