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    So Boy George Wants Sophie Turner To Play Him In His Biopic

    I think I'm into this.

    Back in May, a Boy George biopic was announced and in a recent radio interview he revealed who has been suggested to play him.

    He told Australian radio hosts Fitzy and Wippa: “There’s been some really interesting suggestions. One of the most interesting suggestions was Sophie Turner.”

    "It’s really strange but that’s been a suggestion. I think that will upset people, which I quite like. {People saying} 'Oh she can’t play you, she’s a woman.'"

    "But, you know, when I was 17, I would have loved to be her. That was the ambition!"

    Sophie got wind of the suggestion and is very much down.

    I’m SO down @BoyGeorge

    Now, my opinion literally doesn't matter and who the hell cares, but I think this could work.

    Boy George:

    Sophie Turner:

    Boy George:

    Sophie Turner:

    Works for me.