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    21 Really Bad Haircuts People Have Actually Gotten

    Alternate title: Why You Should Never Let Your Mother Cut Your Hair.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to submit a picture of their worst haircut and yes, the rumors are true, they did! The following are pictures of their actual, undoctored haircuts and the stories behind them.


    "When I wore this shirt and spiked the back of my hair, the kids in middle school used to call me Madame Blueberry, but personally I think I looked more like Kate Gosselin circa 2008." β€”megg4ed025f3e


    "Yep. That's 15-year-old me." β€”katefitzgeraldkf


    "Instead of going to a professional, my hair was put into a high ponytail and cut off. Thanks, mom!" β€”darcir2


    "The Wilfredo." β€”wearevni


    "My mom made me have this damn bowl haircut for most of my childhood." β€”megss35


    "When I was around 7 I decided it would be a great idea to get straight bangs with my thin, greasy hair. I kept this style for around five years before realizing that, paired with my oval glasses, I looked horrendous." β€”omgainsley


    "In sixth grade, my mother not only gave me a bad haircut, but also talked me into a horrendous home perm on top of it. My hair had been mostly straight and a little past shoulder-length just three days prior to picture-day at school. Mom decided we needed to trim the dead ends off first before we did the home perm so that we didn't fry it and this was the result." β€”deederbobber


    "Behold, the mullet! I was 5 when I got this haircut, and I still remember sobbing in the salon when I saw my reflection." β€”ashleyy4b44d8b51


    "When I was 18, I went to the mall to get my hair cut because I wanted to look like Zooey Deschanel with bangs. The hairstylist who cut it didn't like that I was asking questions about how she was cutting my hair so she completely did a hack job. The bangs in the middle of my forehead were shorter than the rest and I had a mullet. The manager of the salon tried to fix it but it was lost cause . I also still had to pay $42 even though I begged for a refund." β€”hannahrosep46c525402


    "I once thought it was a good idea let my 16-year-old sister cut my bangs. I clearly thought wrong." β€”cjo431c9392b


    "My mother loved bowl cuts... Granted it was probably 1990 but her hair isn't much better." β€”k4eb6374d6


    "When I was around 7 I wanted bangs, so I decided to cut my own with nail clippers!" β€”parisb4d86435d4


    "So glad I convinced my mom to let me get a perm with straight across bangs at age 10! Stunning!" β€”rustyshack567


    "When I was going through my ~emo phase~ I decided to cut all my beautiful hair off, except for two rat tails. Which I then proceeded to stripe-dye orange and blue." β€”j458454657


    "When I was a kid, my mom would give me a "bob" for every haircut. No mom, this is most definitely a bowl cut." β€”lizzyneversleeps


    "Me at 13." β€”werterland


    "I went in for a root touch up and ended up getting six inches chopped off after being convinced to "lighten up the ends." I used to have mermaid hair. Used to." β€”kaylawilcox


    "Piece of advice: Don't let your mom cut your hair." β€”valerial4fff65418


    "I wanted to transform my 'I want to talk to the manager' mom pixie cut into a youthful Miley Cyrus long-on-top short-on-the-sides-look. My stylist was so caught up in talking about herself, I think she forgot she was buzzing my head. My freshman year of college began a couple weeks later." β€”clarissac3


    "I'm the one in back. When I was 15, I wanted to try something 'edgy', so I went to the salon and told them to give me bangs that looked stringy and all different lengths. What the fuck was I thinking?!" β€”kirstenz482c59907


    "The women in my family seem to think once they give birth they are magically able to cut hair. So, I ended up with a mullet. Thanks mom!" β€”marykatem40f4126eb

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