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25 Truly Terrifying Pictures Of The Snow In Eastern Canada Right Now

It's legitimately scary.

1. The snow in Boston may have been bad, but wait until you see what's going on in Canada. This is a house in Eastern Canada. The snow is up to the ROOF.

2. This is (what used to be) a driveway. Let's hope it went to that big Driveway in the sky.

@islandmorning Our shoveling dilemma in Summerside. Help!!!

3. And Lord Jesus there's a fire, this is someone's garage.

This is a big snow storm on the east coast of #Canada #Snowmageddon2015 #snowday

4. Eastern Canada, particularly Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, is seeing some of its highest snow totals since the early '80s.

In November, a Facebook friend shared this @PEIGuardian clipping about 1982's snow banks. We laughed then....

5. It's like a scene straight out of Whoville, minus the Grinch and a young Taylor Momsen.

Here is a shot from space of a our Snow-Covered and IcE Surrounded #PEI. Taken today from NASA.

6. It's straight-up ludicrous.

7. The roads are insane and the snow is seemingly endless.

8. Snowbanks are 16 feet tall!

Recent snowfall on Prince Edward Island, Canada - http://t.co/sIbI7G1901

9. And in some places snow is reaching 11 beers high.

The snow at my buddies is EBH right now. (Eleven beers high eh) #Canada

10. Roofs are literally irrelevant. They don't matter anymore.

@weathernetwork Just a little bit of snow here in Charlottetown! @almack15 @meganmack15

11. And everything is starting to disappear.

By morning this car will be gone. @meteomedia @weathernetwork #monctonstorm #atlstorm

12. Canadians are channeling their inner archaeologists as they excavate their cars.

My dad and uncle on their archeological dig #snowremoval #whatsnow

13. Entering and exiting houses is becoming a national pastime.

RT @JoDoughartPEI: @RCMPPEITraffic Our adventure getting out of our house in Summerside.

14. And people are measuring snow in terms of BABIES. BABIES!!!

.@weathernetwork We're measuring snow by baby...currently about two baby's tall from the window sill 😜❄️#peistorm

15. The snow is so high that you can't even see this house.

Cousin sent me this view of her house in Moncton, New Brunswick.

16. Or this house.

Before and after the storm: be still my aching back #peistorm #winterside

17. And, I swear, somewhere in here is another house.

18. This is the door to that house. Terrifying.

.@CBCTheNational Some pics of Southeast New Brunswick. #nbstorm #Blurricane2015 #acadie

19. And here's the path that had to be shoveled to get to it.

20. Windows are useless.

My kitchen window. #snow in #Summerside can stop any time now

21. Like they might as well not even exist.

Hm... something seems wrong with the view out my window... #snow #blizzard #winter Welcome to Atlantic Canada!

22. And in Halifax, where there was crazy storm surge, this bike is ENTOMBED in ice.

23. But even though the Pizza Delight is closed and shut in by snow...

Samantha Lewis shared this picture of the Pizza Delight in Moncton. Who gets to clear a path to that door? #nb

24. ...and the tunnels are biblical levels of scary...

The #Charlottetown area received 80 cm of snow, but what does 80cm look like? Andrew Richards at Brackley Point, PE

25. ...at least Canadian random acts of kindness are coming through.

MT @NataliaGoodwin: Compass @ 6: Mother-son leave gifts of warmth in Charlottetown #pei

But what did you expect? It's Canada.

#14 on this list was originally a picture from a different part of Canada from a storm that occurred in 2013. It's since been removed. I'm trying to understand Canada and its provinces but I only have hockey teams to base my knowledge off of. Now, if every single Canadian city could just get its act together and get a damn hockey team, this would have never happened. So, really, this is the NHL’s fault. Specifically whatever team is your team's rival. Let's just say it's the Edmonton Oilers. Nice going, Oilers.