The 26 Craziest Things They Ever Sold In SkyMall

    You still want all of it and you have no idea why.

    SkyMall was one of the most iconic magazines of our time. Its been out of airplanes since 2015 but its legacy lives on in iconic screen-caps and pictures of insane products.

    Because I miss SkyMall more than usual today, I've compiled a list of the crazy things they sold. Enjoy.

    1. An umbrella holder.

    2. Roswell, the Alien Butler.

    3. The legendary garden Yeti statue.

    4. A foot tanner.

    5. A watch that tells you when you are going to die.

    6. A clock that just tells you what day of the week it is.

    7. A custom portrait of your pet as 17th century aristocracy.

    8. Shoes with a "seed of life" logo.

    9. This freaky-ass thing that let's you sleep sitting up.

    10. The iconic and legendary "SkyRest."

    11. Dog lips.

    12. A laser beam head machine that grows hair.

    13. A LIFE-SIZE jungle monkey statue.

    14. A solar and battery powered cooling hat.

    15. A shirt that says "Let's eat grandma."

    16. A painting called "drunk cat."

    17. A dildo-like massager.

    18. A head massager that warns: "Do not wear while operating heavy machinery."

    19. A shirt specifically and solely for the "Bob" in your life.

    20. A Bob affirmation box.

    21. A glow in the dark toilet seat.

    22. A "super-realistic" squirrel head.

    23. A giant fake rock.

    24. The ugliest shirt ever created.

    25. A cellphone wrist holder.

    26. And a $90 magic wand TV remote control.