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A McDonald’s And Dairy Queen In Missouri Are Having A “Sign War,” And Things Are Getting Real Messy Real Fast

Now I'm craving a flurry.

Welp, we have a sign war on our hands.

A bunch of businesses in Marshfield, Missouri are duking it out.

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It all started with McDonald's.

McDonald's sign says "Hey DQ! Wanna have a sign war"

Then Dairy Queen got involved.

Dairy Queen's sign reads "We would, but we're too busy making ice cream"

McDonald's fought back.

McDonald's sign reads "Wow, salty like our world-famous fries"

Then the bank took notice.

The sign outside an Arvest Bank says "Don't be salty on our account"

DQ came for the zinger.

Dairy Queen's sign says "Behave or we'll flip you like our blizzards"

McDonald's brought ice cream into it.

McDonald's sign says "That's cute, our ice cream makes itself"

DQ hit back hard.

Dairy Queen's sign says "You mean it actually works? Shocker"

Other businesses in the area took notice.

A handwritten sign says "Did you say sign war? Who needs ice cream? We have watermelons"

A Mexican restaurant got dragged into it.

A handwritten sign on the window of a Mexican restaurant says "Nacho average sign, PS we have fried ice cream"

It's everyone for themselves.

Arvest Bank's sign says "Ice cream machine broken? We have a loan for that"

McDonald's forged on.

McDonald's sign says "What's a milkman in pantyhose? A dairy queen"

DQ wasn't giving up.

Dairy Queen's sign says "Why dine with a clown when you can with a queen"

McDonald's brought in Sonic.

DQ brought up meat.

Dairy Queen's sign says "Where's your meat come from? Old McDonald's?"

Wendy's jumped in.

Wendy's sign reads "Arch, how long does it take to thaw frozen beef?"

It's all-out war.

Arvest Bank's sign reads "Just checking in on the sign war" with checking in all caps

Your move, Taco Bell.

A real estate company sign says "Sign war? We're just here for the show"