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Shut It Down, Britney Spears Just Won The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Game over.

The owner of an infinite number of questionable wigs...

...the pioneer of cool and funky intimates...

...who, by the way, just dropped a game-changing song for fall 2014 called "Bored (Just Do It)." Taylor Swift could never.


The legendary Miss Britney Spears!

With a full-on Frappuccino high, wearing her newly iconic and signature white-framed sunglasses from the Target Dollar Spot, Britney Spears decided to give us an incredibly personal and very cool Instagram video.

The charitable queen picked her very own infinity pool for the challenge...

...and challenged she was. Those neck veins don't lie. She was nervous. Like 2008 first time singing "Womanizer" at the Bambi Awards nervous.

With actual ice cubes (I've heard NUMEROUS stories about people using warm water — the deceit), Britney executed the challenge like a true queen.

Her face. The raw emotion. Those poor Target sunglasses.

The perfect ending.

Watch the full video in its charitable glory here: