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    I Randomly Just Discovered Shia LaBeouf Is Covered In Tattoos And Now I'm Feeling Like A Fake Fan

    I had no idea, Shia baby.

    I am a Shiasexual.

    I've been open about it, written about it, and fully accepted myself as a devout lover of Shia LaBeouf.

    That said, I have to admit I'm feeling a bit like a "fake fan."

    I stumbled across these paparazzi pictures of shirtless Shia, and I really didn't know he was covered in tats.

    That is some serious ink, Shia baby.

    So yeah, that's really it.

    I just wanted to post something that wasn't related to the c*ronavirus or Tiger King.

    In conclusion, this post is dedicated to my Shiasexuals out there. I love you all.