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19 Pictures That Will Make Parents Physically Ill

Rule of parenting: No Sharpies. EVER.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us the biggest mess their kids have ever made and what they contributed is basically nightmare fuel for parents and the best birth control for non-parents. Happy reading!

1. "My favorite lipsticks and her finest mess."

- tardiswho30

2. "That’s a bag of FLOUR!"

- rwilley1

3. "He was pretty happy with himself."

- mamasliz

4. "We got her a real grass toilet because her fake grass one is so stinky. This happened night one. You should have seen our living room."

- luusseee

5. "I gave my baby girl a little snack and then walked away to do dishes. I was vacuuming crumbs out of the crevices of my sofa for weeks." - t43c314333

- t43c314333

6. "I don't have kids so my fur baby (Dino) will have to do. Yikes."

- Stephanie Pomeroy, Gmail.
Stephanie Pomeroy

- Stephanie Pomeroy, Gmail.

7. "The Sharpie took about a week to get off of him."

- l4eea64789

8. "My son has a habit of getting ahold of pens and markers and drawing ALL over the walls."

- l4eea64789

9. "Sister sidekicks forever causing a mess!"

- jessieleef2

10. "I used to give my son some water to play with while I cooked dinner, but he got bored with that, so I thought I’d give him some flour to mix in the water. In the time it took me to put the veggies in the stir fry, he managed to cover himself in what was basically paste. I was pulling it from his long, curly hair for days."

- nyyjilly

11. "That's today's design. He is my Picasso."

- andreeawhitley

12. "I was doing the dishes for maybe five minutes, when my almost 3-year-old son came out and proudly announced he 'did makeups.' He had covered himself in black eye shadow and mascara."

- brittneec

13. "Sharpie on suede. At least, she was apparently really pleased with her work."

- jocelynevan

14. "Toothpaste on suede."

- brownc4521

15. "Perks of having a 2-year-old for a big brother."

- sschuenie

16. "They accidentally fell in the mud. This is how they greeted me as I pulled in the driveway coming home from work."

- christalq

17. "My fur babies made this mess when they were 12 weeks old. Daddy was sleeping soundly two feet away and I was at work."

- k475b73286

18. "My then 2-year-old opened a can of cocoa powder on the couch."

- megmelodia

19. "My daughter and an entire bottle of lotion. It’s vanilla scented and she said she wanted to smell like muffins. I had to wash her hair three times with dish soap."

- t43c314333

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