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    Twitter Is Obsessed With A Rumor That Shakira Discovered Her Husband Cheated Because Of Strawberry Jam, And The Memes Are Very, Very, Very Good

    Apparently no one messes with Shakira and her strawberry jam.

    I have a wild story that has pretty much taken over Twitter.

    Shakira looking at Gerard with a slight smile on her face as they sit at an event

    It involves Shakira, her ex, and some strawberry jam.

    A quarter-full jar of jam on an otherwise refrigerator shelf

    Yep, strawberry jam!

    An overhead shot of an open jar of jam with a spoon inside of it

    To begin, in case you didn't know, Shakira and soccer star Gerard Pique broke up last year after 11 years of marriage.

    There's been allegations of Pique cheating, and Shakira seemingly referenced it in a "diss" track called "BZRP Music Sessions #53" that came out last week.

    The lyrics are, uh, definitely pointed:

    The lyrics say "A she-wolf like me isn't for guys like you, I was out of your league, that's why you're with someone just like you"

    It looks like she even called Pique out for leaving her alone with his mom as her neighbor...oh Mylanta!

    You left me with your mom as a neighbor/The press at my door, and a debt with the Treasury/ You thought you'd hurt me, but you made me stronger/Women no longer cry, women get paid

    But the wildest allegation yet is about Shakira, some detective work, and her love of good ol' strawberry jam.

    A jam jar

    Take this with a grain of salt, but it has totally taken over the Shakira/Pique discourse.

    The former couple sitting next to each other a sporting event

    According to, Shakira allegedly discovered Pique was cheating when she came home from a trip only to find someone had eaten some of her beloved strawberry jam.

    The problem with the missing jam is that Pique (and their children) apparently hate jam — therefore, someone else must have eaten it!

    While this story isn't confirmed, Twitter has run away with it, and Shakira's strawberry jam has become a meme.

    Shakira’s jam watching Piqué’s mistress reach for the jar

    Marc Piasecki / Contributor / Getty Images/ Twitter: @samjstirling

    From comparisons to Whitney Houston's legendary "It's Not Right But It's Okay"...

    shakira looking into her refrigerator

    Arista/ Twitter: @alex_abads Shakira's own "She Wolf" video.

    Shakira inside the jam jar investigating how much was missing

    Epic/ Twitter: @fagfetchd

    Everyone seems to be into Shakira's strawbery jam.

    Pique pretending he likes Jam after Shakira asked him about it

    TLC/ Twitter: @ahmedPsta9

    And here are some of my favorites:

    shakira coming back home hungry asf for some strawberry jam

    Nickelodeon/ Twitter: @cloomf

    Shakira trying to lick the last bits from the bottom of her jam jar

    NBC/ Twitter: @LustrousLynx

    Pique stopping the girl eating Shakira's jam

    UCL Broadcast/ Twitter: @Juventus_Abroad

    Things that don’t lie according to Shakira: 1) hips 2) jam

    NBC/ Twitter: @sabzsgizo

    Shakira going undercover as jam so she can catch Pique cheating

    @patmcgrath/ Twitter: @himboficat1on

    In conclusion, strawberry jam is apparently important business for Shakira. DON'T TOUCH IT.

    The WB/ Twitter: @cloneposter