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    Seth Rogen's Mom Tweeted About Having Sex With Seth Rogen's Sick Dad And Hopefully Seth Rogen Won't See It

    Sandy Rogen strikes again.

    Sandy Rogen is somewhat of a Twitter legend.

    Whether she is tweeting about buying 99-cent soap at Target...

    Thank you nice young woman at target saying hello to us , as we were buying 99 cent hand siap.

    ...or pictures of Canadian buses...

    ...or getting toilet paper stuck to her bum.

    Very nice woman told me I had a long piece of toilet paper attached to my bum

    Sandy Rogen is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Yesterday, Sandy took it to a whole other level.


    She tweeted this:

    Husband has a cold. Husband says kisses during sex dont have germs.


    Sooo, yeah, people are feeling kind of bad for Seth:

    Others are reminding Sandy that Seth follows her:

    And this person said they didn't get strep when they kissed a guy with strep once:


    Seth hasn't tweeted in a few days, but good luck to him when he sees it!


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