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Serena Williams Shared Her Dehydration Hack, But People In The Comments Say The Real Hack Is How She Takes The Bottles Out Of The Packaging

"No way Serena Williams just taught me how to take Gatorade off the plastic."

Serena Williams is enjoying taking time off!

She's allowing herself to rest for the first time.

I’m currently allowing myself to be tired. Allowing myself To relax. Allowing myself to just be. It’s harder than I ever imagined. I’ve never allowed myself to do any of that before…

Twitter: @serenawilliams

And she's been fairly active on TikTok.


Me yesteeday: I promise to get serious and grow up this year… Me today: stroller #foreveryoung #olympia

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She recently went viral for sharing what she does when she's feeling dehydrated:


Woke up feeling dehydrated not an ad just truth @Gatorade #relatable

♬ original sound - Serenawilliams

She, uhhh, yeah...it's just Gatorade.

"If I'm not feeling good, if I'm feeling a little dehydrated, I just chug Gatorade. I don't drink this much, I just chug half throughout the day just to bring some life into my lips."

Yep...ice and Gatorade.

She swears it's not an ad, but you gotta love how she sincerely loads up a big ol' jug full of Gatorade as if it's a thing.

A comment saying "if mother says chug Gatorade, we chug it"

That's queen shit.

And while her tip may seem pretty obvious, people in the comments are taking note of something else in the video.

A comment saying "Serena drank ice cold Gatorade when she wasn't feeling good, so I drank ice cold Gatorade when I wasn't feeling good too"

It's the way she takes the bottles out of the plastic rings.

A comment saying "No way Serena Williams just taught me how to take a Gatorade off the plastic"

As you can see, instead of pulling the bottles out, she individually tears the plastic.

Serena tearing open the plastic rings of the packaging

As someone who fights for my life trying to pull them out, this is something new for me.

A comment saying "Have I been pulling my Gatorade out of the package wrong all these years"

Thank you for that, Serena.