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    I Just Found Out Non-Americans Are "Violently Jealous" Of This Iconic Seasonal Store We "Take For Granted"

    The things we "take for granted." LOL.

    There are a few extremely specific things non-Americans are jealous of Americans for*.

    A woman with contacts colored to look like the U.S. flag

    They're jealous of our lockers.

    i’m still jealous of americans having lockers cause you can make them nice inside and actually have somewhere to put stuff instead of carrying everything around all day. stupid british high schools

    Twitter: @marvlesbian

    So chic!

    a young student by her decorated locker

    They're jealous of the fortune cookies we get with takeout Chinese food.

    I always get so jealous of Americans when watching movies/TV shows and they get fortune cookies with their chinese.

    Twitter: @SaoirseBall

    So fun!

    a man smiling and holding up a fortune cookie

    And they're jealous of our voting stickers.

    I'll always be jealous of Americans for getting a sticker when they vote

    Twitter: @CaptainNovolin

    Because nothing gets Americans to fulfill their civic duty more than free shit!

    a man holding an i voted! sticker

    But there's one thing that truly gets non-Americans really going, and it's a seasonal American thing.

    The woman with American flag contacts

    Every year around the end of August, a seasonal shop pops up in our abandoned big box shops, and people lose their minds.

    an abandoned kmart

    Yup, you guessed it...

    It's Spirit Halloween stores.

    a spirit halloween store

    People all over the world want Americans to know how lucky they are to have the big box Halloween behemoth.

    Americans really don’t realise how lucky they are to have Spirit Halloween🎃😭

    Twitter: @horrorfan2020

    Like, they're VIOLENTLY jealous.

    It’s getting to that time of year again where I become VIOLENTLY jealous of all americans who can go to Spirit Halloween

    Twitter: @DaisyBouquet19

    It's truly one of the biggest reasons people are envious of Americans.

    the only reason why i envy americans is because y'all have spirit halloween like??? we only get a small section in stores that consists of the same devil horns, dracula capes, scream masks and witch hats😭

    Twitter: @crepvsculum

    You see, most countries don't have humongous stores dedicated to Halloween.

    I get so jealous seeing what Americans can get from Spirit Halloween. The best I can get is a plastic pumpkin bucket from Poundland 😓

    Twitter: @kerryaartwork

    The reactions are all over the place...

    "I'd spend literally all of my money there."

    i’m so jealous americans have that spirit halloween shop mate i’d spend literally all of my money there

    Twitter: @miffyfollows

    "I hope Americans don't ever take Spirit Halloween for don't know how lucky you are!"

    I hope Americans don’t ever take spirit Halloween for don’t know how lucky you are!

    Twitter: @jadedillustrate

    "I am going to cry."

    If I see one more spirit halloween tik tok I am going to cry. I can't believe Americans have entire shops dedicated to Halloween this is so unfair

    Twitter: @_may_emily

    This person wanted to come to America just to visit a Spirit Halloween.

    I keep seeing videos of Americans going to spirit halloween and it makes me so mad I might just go to America for a few hours to go there.

    Twitter: @samanthaiouis3

    And for some, it's the ONLY reason they're jealous of Americans, period.

    only reason i’ll ever be jealous of americans is because of spirit halloween

    Twitter: @xbl00dw1tchx

    So, Americans, feel lucky, I guess?

    im so jealous of americans for the sole reason yous get to shop at spirit halloween

    Twitter: @dk_ogg

    And appreciate your Spirit Halloween store a little bit more this year (lol). Our friends overseas are truly seething because they don't have it.

    a spirit store


    When I see Spirit Halloween stores on the Internet I’m envious of Americans and then I remember the US sucks so we’re fine

    Twitter: @svgarloathe