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48 Things That Were Incredibly Traumatizing For 90% Of Millennials Growing Up — Like, This Explains A Lot

The original Unsolved Mysteries theme song is forever embedded in my brain.

1. First and foremost, the furnace in Home Alone.

2. The "return the slab" episode from Courage the Cowardly Dog.

return the slab ghost

3. The original Unsolved Mysteries theme song.

View this video on YouTube / Lifetime

4. Robert Stack's from Unsolved Mysteries scary, husky, monotone voice.

robert stack in an unassuming office

5. The transparent ghosts from Unsolved Mysteries that would show up in people's living rooms and often be from the Civil War era.

a ghost with a jug

6. And lastly, the police sketches from Unsolved Mysteries.

a sketch of a man with a helmet on and very intense stare

7. The Are You Afraid of the Dark? theme song.

View this video on YouTube / Nickelodeon

8. The scary-ass rowboat rocking to and fro in the fog in the Are You Afraid Of The Dark? intro.

a row boat with fog around it

9. And, of course, the clown from the Are You Afraid Of The Dark? intro.

a clown in an attic

11. The "I'm cold" ghost from Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

a cold small boy

12. The Pool Monster from Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

a bloody pool monster

14. The girl with sloppy Joe all over her face from Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

she has bad acne

16. Zeebo from Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

a scary clown

17. And, of course, the Ghastly Grinner from Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

another scary clown

18. Zeke the Plumber from Salute Your Shorts.

a man with a bad mask and bucket hat

19. Angelica's "brother" in that Rugrats episode.

a giant baby drooling holding angelica

20. The chokey in Matilda was nightmare-inducing.

21. This eerie lady alien in Mars Attacks!

she has a beehive haircut

23. Pennywise.

pennywise in the sewer

24. Chucky.

chucky doll holding a doll

25. Willy Wonka.

gene wilder staring at the camera

26. The witches from The Witches.

a wrinkly wtich with a large nose

27. The Goosebumps books.

6 goosebumps books, night of hte living dummy and a shocker on shock street

28. The Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books.

scary stories to tell in the dark

29. The Sixth Sense.

30. Mischa Barton puking under a bed in The Sixth Sense.

Closeup of Mischa Barton in "The Sixth Sense"

31. This toilet from Look Who's Talking Too.

from pee wee adventure

32. Samara from The Ring.

33. Or the dead girl in the closet corner.

34. The Blair Witch Project.

35. The intro to The X-Files.

View this video on YouTube / 20th Century Fox

36. Michelle Pfeiffer's experience in What Lies Beneath.

37. Nicole Kidman's experience in The Others.

38. The Bermuda Triangle.

a plane going into the bermuda triangle

39. Piranhas.

a fish with teeth

40. The Goosebumps TV show theme song.

View this video on YouTube / Lenz Entertainment

42. Slappy the Dummy.

a dummy with human like eyes

43. The disaster scenes in The Day After Tomorrow.

a massive flood in nyc

44. Mr. Burns as the "I bring" glowing orb.

45. A truck with logs on the back.

logs on the back of a truck

46. That Boy Meets World Halloween episode.

47. Gooey Gus.

48. And lastly, the blue screen of DEATH.

It's been a long time since I've gotten a blue screen of death...

Twitter: @ErinFletcher11