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Scarlett Johansson Falling Down Is The Best New Meme In Years

Great meme. Add your own falling Scar to the comments.

It all started with this glorious picture of Scarlett Johansson falling down in December 2012.

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And then, in September 2013, a meme was born:

culo_amor /
BigPorch /
Golden_Buddha /
pousher579 /
pfannkuchen_gesicht /
donutsalad /
Streets71 /
TStru /
skimbleable /
Via Whitney Jefferson
Via Flop Shepherd
Via Jessica Misener
Via Lauren

(She's tripping over herself)

Via Tanner
Via Tanner
Via Justin Abarca
Via Louis Peitzman
Via Tanner
Via Jen Lewis
Via Emily Hennen
Via Emily Hennen
Angela Vittelo
Via Jessica Misener
Via Summer
Emily Hennen
Via Tanner
Via Emily
Via Lauren
Via Tanner
Via Alanna

Now use this transparent png to make your own!

See more at Imgur, too. It's worth it.