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    Oct 20, 2017

    29 Singers Only Millennials Know Ever Existed

    We are the lucky generation, TBH.

    1. Stacie Orrico

    It makes me want to physically vomit on the general public knowing that Stacie Orrico is relegated to two-hit-wonder status. "Stuck" and "There's Got to Be More to Life" are some of the greatest pop songs of our time!

    2. 3LW

    You're shittin' yourself if you think "No More" wasn't one of the greatest songs of the early '00s. From the choreo to the denim looks and Kiely's legendary lisp... fuck us for letting this iconic girl group flop.

    3. Dream

    "He Loves You Not" and "This Is Me" made me a jealous, narcissistic asshole and I'm okay with that.

    4. Samantha Mumba

    It baffles me – BAFFLES ME — that Samantha Mumba never happened. BAFFLES!

    5. Aly & AJ

    They have a new song out called "Take Me." Please stream it. They need to eat tonight.

    6. BBMak

    I would still go poly for them.

    7. Blaque

    I honestly think about JC Chasez singing, "Are you feeling my Timbs, my baggy jeans, my thug appeal" on a daily basis.

    8. Cherish

    "Do It to It" is still staple on any gym playlist for me. It should be for you, too. (You'll lose two pounds.)

    9. Cassie

    "Me and You" still makes me do problematic things.

    10. Christina Milian

    It's sad that kids these days will only know her as that lady with the VH1 reality show nobody watches.

    11. Ciara

    I was rooting for you, we (some gays) were rooting for you, but apparently no one else was.

    12. Danity Kane

    I blame this more on them hating each other than us, as millennials, failing them.

    13. Debelah Morgan

    Eighth-grade me wanted Debelah Morgan to succeed. Thirty-year-old me wonders if she's still alive.

    14. Stella Soleil

    I'm not even sure who this lady actually was but I still think "Kiss Kiss" is a good song.

    15. Fefe Dobson

    Apparently the world wasn't ready for *rock music.*

    16. Sonique

    "Feels So Good" is one of the great '90s dance songs!

    17. Emma Bunton

    I had Geri on this list but I took her off because I'm still bitter that she was the first to go. My gay heart can forgive, but it can never forget.

    18. Hoku

    A song that's woke about blondes before being woke about blondes was a thing? I stan.

    19. Jennifer Love Hewitt

    I still thrash around my room pretending to be sad and angry to "How Do I Deal."

    20. Krystal Harris

    "Super Girl" is that song. Miss Krystal has me perma-shaking!!!

    21. Lillix

    No idea who they were or where they came from...but "It's About Time" was a cute song.

    22. Lindsay Lohan (before she became problematic)

    Nothing makes a group full of gays at a 2-for-1 happy hour scream louder than "Rumors" or "Bossy."

    23. Paulina Rubio's English-language singing career

    "Don't Say Goodbye" was a bop and that's that.

    24. Paula DeAnda

    Honestly, I completely forgot about Paula DeAnda before making this post and I feel bad about that.

    25. Play

    A Swedish girl group with Disney Channel bops for days.

    26. Thalia's English-language singing career

    "I Want You" >>> any of those J.Lo/Ja Rule collabs. I don't really think that...but I tell myself that sometimes.

    27. Michelle Branch

    Apparently the world wasn't ready for a talented, powerful indie musician.

    28. Mandy Moore (as a singer)

    It is one of life's greatest mysteries that Mandy Moore doesn't have 11 top-10 hits.

    29. Vitamin C

    As I always say, "Vitamin C died so Pink could live."

    And before you all jump down my throat asking for the playlist, here it is!

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