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    Salma Hayek Posted 9 Really Weird Pictures Of Her Being Run Over By Waves

    Is this her Artpop era?

    Well, this is certainly something.


    Salma Hayek posted nine pictures of her being run over by a series of waves with this caption:

    She appears to be doing that whole "fake drown" thing everyone did when they were at a pool in seventh grade.

    It's kind of emo and very dramatic.

    Who is even taking these pictures?

    Can you imagine her direction: "Just take nine pictures of me being casually hit by waves."

    "I'm going for that whole sexy drowning look."

    It reminds me of this meme:

    Dramatic Kid

    But honestly she's nailing it.

    She even did a blurry zoom on one of the pictures!

    I think that's enough, though.


    OK, someone get her.

    You do you, girl.


    The end.

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