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Isla Fisher Posted A Shirtless Video Of Sacha Baron Cohen Working Out And Now People Are Like "Wait, This Is Borat?"

I love arm.

When I think of Sacha Baron Cohen I think of "My wife!"

Universal Studios

I think of "Very nice!"

Universal Studios

And I think of a man wearing a neon green shoulder strap mankini.

Universal Studios

Yes, for those in the comments, he has done other stuff like The Ali G Show and Les Misérables.

But I've never thought about him in any sort of "wreck me daddy" way.


That all changed today.


People are seeing Sacha Baron Cowen in an entirely new light.

But first, backstory.

Sacha Baron Cohen is nominated for a Golden Globe for his role in the Netflix original The Spy.


Isla Fisher, Sacha's wife, posted an Instagram video of Sacha lifting weights congratulating him on the nominations.

This is that video:




My wife.

Now please do a video with the shoulder strap mankini. It will still be creepy but a little less this time.*

*Just kidding. It will always be creepy. No offense.