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    Everyone Is Freaking Out Over These New Pictures Of Ryan Gosling And Margot Robbie As Rodeo Ken And Barbie

    Yep, I can't wait.

    One of *the* only things I am actually excited about nowadays is the Barbie movie.

    Jaap Buitendijk/Warner Bros

    Yes, the Barbie movie. Like, I know that as a thirtysomething grown man my excitement is irrational.

    an older woman saying, at least there's the barbie movie

    But I'm not the only one!

    i have so much excitement for the barbie movie for no reason

    Twitter: @vsthewrrld

    The online *buzz* is palpable.

    prepare for me to change my whole personality when the barbie movie comes out

    Twitter: @adorehrt

    And every update turns into some sort of big hoopla.

    every barbie movie update has me clutching my pearls

    Twitter: @phienutbutter

    The movie also has SO many famous people in it, and the unknown plot* has me hooked.

    Ryan gosling in an opened denim vest

    It's either going to be the best or worst movie ever. I just can't wait!

    close up of ryan as the ken doll with platinum hair

    And now we have another first look at some Barbie and Ken outifts.

    i’m not sorry for the person i will become when the barbie movie comes out

    Twitter: @gothicpluto

    Behold, Rodeo Barbie and Ken.

    From their matching lil' cowboy hats.

    To their cute lil' pink handkerchiefs.

    Margot really is Barbie.

    And Ryan is, well, it's a look!

    I honestly love the outfits.

    The new pics have somehow made people even more excited.

    Im so inexplicably excited for this movie

    MEGA / Twitter: @YoshiiElAttar

    I can't wait for this movie, whatever it may be.

    are you kidding me? this movie is gonna be so camp they better both be gay istg

    MEGA/ Twitter: @fairievbes

    And just brace yourself for Halloween 2023.

    hallowen inspo

    MEGA /  Twitter: @digitalf33ling

    It's going to be major.

    This movie is about to be so good I already know it

    MEGA / Twitter: @wheresmywaffles