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    Rihanna Asked Tom Daley To Take A Picture Of Troye Sivan Peeing In His Dress, And Yes This Is A True Story, And Yes We Have Photographic Proof

    Because if Rihanna asks you to take a picture of yourself peeing, then you take a picture of yourself peeing.

    It's day 72 of talking about the Met Gala!

    Kim Kardashian wearing a dark-colored dress with a train, tights, gloves, and her entire head completely covered in the same material

    Just kidding, but it's been three days since the rich and famous performed their blood sacrifice at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    Justin Beiber wears a balaclava as he performs inside the Met Gala with a projection of a full moon in the background

    In case you didn't know, the bathroom at the Met Gala is the place to be.

    It's where celebs get all ~quirky~ and take mirror selfies in a generic-looking bathroom that makes them seem relatable.

    this year's met gala theme was smoking in the bathroom

    Twitter: @yourwetdress

    We haven't heard much about the bathroom this year, but we finally have a story to tell.

    Player #1 in this story is Troye Sivan.

    Troye poses on the red carpet in a form fitting dress and platform heels

    Player #2 is Tom Daley.

    Tom Daley poses in a dark-colored suit with chains and lace-up details on the jacket

    And oh yeah, this story also involves Rihanna.

    Rihanna poses on the red carpet in a voluminous dark-colored gown, a beanie, and a large diamond necklace

    Troye Sivan posted a picture of himself peeing in the bathroom, but this isn't just any ol' piss pic.

    .@rihanna told @TomDaley1994 to take this pic of me weeing 🥲

    Twitter: @troyesivan

    This is a Rihanna commissioned piss pic.

    .@rihanna told @TomDaley1994 to take this pic of me weeing 🥲

    Twitter: @troyesivan

    Tom Daley confirmed the story.

    A photo of Troye at a urinal from behind as he wees

    So, there you have it: If Rihanna asks you to take a piss pic, then you take the damn piss pic!

    End of story. Bye!