"Quiet Luxury" Is One Of The Biggest 2023 Trends, And Rihanna Just Demonstrated Her Version Of It With A $1 Million Diamond Toe Ring

    Another "fashion trend" 99% of us will not be participating in.

    Today I learned that "quiet luxury" is one of the biggest trends of 2023.

    WWD said, "'Quiet luxury' refers to understated clothing made with very high-quality materials."

    Some people call it "stealth wealth."

    People magazine said, "The name ['quiet luxury'] captures the very essence of what it exudes – a preference for expensive subtly with toned-down yet tailored designer pieces over noisy opulence full of obvious branding and loud logos."

    Vogue also said Katy Perry has been one of the celebrities embracing the trend lately.

    Anyway, Rihanna is apparently in on the trend.

    Rihanna posted a TikTok with the caption "quiet luxury."

    Here was that TikTok:

    Rihanna/ https://www.tiktok.com/@rihanna/video/7236786244259220782

    It's literally just of her feet...

    Zoom in more, and see that there? That's a $1 million* diamond toe ring.

    Rihanna's idea of "quiet luxury" is a $1 million diamond toe ring.

    On that note, excuse me while I count my Starbucks stars because papa's praying I have enough points for a free drink!