Taylor Swift's Old Myspace Pictures Are Embarrassing And Great

    Celebrities in the mid-2000s: JUST LIKE YOU!

    Long, long, long ago, in the sorry days of 2006, Taylor Swift had a Myspace page. In 2006, Taylor Swift was a fairly normal teenager, which means her Myspace was tragic as hell.

    Luckily for us, someone has archived her old Myspace pictures — and they are every bit as "2006 Myspace" as you wish they were.

    Let's take a gander at what we got here!

    1. The "me on the phone" picture:

    2. The "classic digital camera mirror shot" picture:

    3. The "I am pretending to look at something on the left but really it's so I look deep in thought with this filter" picture:

    4. The "we're driving to Target!" picture:

    5. The "we're at a rap concert!" picture:

    6. The "wow, this filter makes me look like a painting!” picture:

    7. The "me and my friends are so weird!" picture:

    8. The "I shop at Hot Topic" picture:

    9. The "look at me being cultural using chopsticks" picture:

    10. The "I got these sunglasses at a gas station" picture:

    11. The "I have a cat" picture:

    12. The "sometimes I get moody and listen to Evanescence" picture:

    13. The "first time eating fro-yo!" picture:

    14. The "my computer is VERY close to my face right now" picture:

    15. The "I have guy friends" picture:

    16. The "so, this is what a filter is?" picture:

    17. The "I'm just kind of sad" picture:

    18. The "here's a blurry ass mosaic of me and mom" picture:

    19. The "OMG Santa is so creepy" picture:

    20. The "we're awkward!" picture:

    21. The "wow, really, filters are the future" picture:

    22. The "let's put the camera over our heads for some reason" picture:

    And lastly + most importantly:

    23. The "we have feet!" picture: