Reese Witherspoon Has Got To Be Kidding Me When She Says She Doesn't See How Similar She Looks To Her Daughter

    It doesn't get more "you look like your mother" than this.

    Some celebrities have really strong genes.

    A scientist smiles at the camera as she sits next to a model of DNA as another scientist works behind her

    There's Cindy Crawford...

    A young Cindy

    ...who looks very much like her daughter Kaia at approximately the same age.

    Kaia walking down the runway

    There's Lisa Bonet...

    Lisa walking through a crowd of people wearing a baseball cap and nosering

    ...who is pretty much twinning with her daughter Zoë when she was the same age.

    And then there's Meryl Streep...

    ...who, yes, you guessed it! Looks very much like her daughter at approximately the same age.

    But I would say the celebrity with the strongest genes is, without a doubt, Reese Witherspoon.

    Reese went on Today, and Jenna Bush Hager told Reese she is practically *twins* with her daughter, Ava.

    "Wait, y'all are twins!" Jenna said.

    "She and I don't see it that much," Reese said.

    "Don't see it that much"??????

    Hoda and Jenna looking shocked


    If I had to pick ONE celebrity who looked exactly like their spawn, I would, without a doubt, pick Reese and her daughter Ava.

    And the pictures prove it:

    Ava and Reese pose together at a red carpet event

    I mean, c'mon!

    The same expression.

    The same face.

    The same everything!

    It's like I'm seeing double.

    Scrolling through Ava's Instagram is a constant "who am I looking at?!"

    Is that Reese?! Ava?!

    Who's who?!

    I'd also like to show you what Reese looked like at 23:

    And what Ava looks like at 23:

    So, yeah. Just felt like I needed to say something because they are literally the first people that come to mind when I think of "like mother, like daughter."

    I'll leave you with this cute pic of three generations of Witherspoons.