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    FYI, People Around The World Throw "American" Theme Parties And They're Incredible

    American parties are a real thing and they are hilarious.

    A couple years ago, I discovered that people in other countries throw American theme parties. It was, and still is, hilarious. So for those who don't about this amazing phenomenon, let me fill you in.

    American parties are held at clubs...

    ... or house parties.

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    Notice the cool expressions, red cups, and overall "American" vibe.

    The #1 thing people are obsessed with outside the states are "red cups."

    Therefore the most important thing for an American party is red cups.

    It is not an American party without red cups.

    There might be a tower of red cups.

    Or, if you're really lucky, you might find waitresses dressed as literal red cups. It's really that important.

    Also please note the women in the background wearing red cups as hats. Iconic.

    At an American party you'll also (obviously) find beer bong.

    Food wise, there will definitely be hot dogs.

    You'll also usually find pizza and fried chicken...

    ... Budweiser and Coke...

    ... marshmallows...

    ... and hamburgers. This is literally a girl with a hamburger cake.

    At an American party you'll usually find someone dressed as a cheerleader...

    ... someone wearing a mustache and bow tie...

    ... and tons of flags/NBA gear.

    Now here are what American parties look like in specific countries around the world.

    This is an American party in Norway:

    Notice the beer pong, cheerleader, Donald Trump, and sign that says "God Bless."

    Here's an American party in Japan:

    This party features: hot dogs, boiled rice, French fries, Kentucky fried chicken, churrros, donuts, and fried noodles. The overall theme of this party was fried food.

    Here's one from Morroco:

    Notice the Homer Simpson, sexy cheerleaders, and hot cops.

    Here's a picture inside the Moroccan club party:

    They had a dude playing with fire wearing a headdress. Coachella is shaking.

    Here's one from Italy:

    Baseball is a popular sport at these types of parties.

    Here's another from Japan:

    Notice the bandanas, French fries, and Mickey Mouse shirts. I think wearing your hair up may be an American thing too?

    Here's one from Russia:

    Loads of red cups, tons of plaid, trucker hats, red cups, and bandanas.

    And lastly, my favorite, an American party in Poland:

    Yes, that is Pocahontas playing in the background.