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    Reba McEntire Posted A Picture With Her New Boyfriend And Now I'm Obsessed With Them And The Nickname She's Given Him

    I'm obsessed with them.

    Reba McEntire is a lot of things.

    The WB

    A corndog connoisseur.

    Reba looking happy with a corndog

    A chicken finger virtuoso.

    A Reba tweet of a half eaten chicken finger

    A bowling goddess.

    A Tweet saying she took bowling in college

    And a poncho princess.

    Reba in a poncho

    Us Tweebas aren't worthy of her!

    A Tweet giving a shoutout to her Tweebas

    So, Reba has a new boyfriend named Rex Linn.

    Reba posted a cute pic of them on her IG and I just love them together.

    But what really caught my eye was the nickname she has for him.

    ACM / Via

    Yup. / Via Reba

    That's it. / Via Reba

    Our lil' Sugar Tot!

    Even cuter is that Rex has a matching nickname for Reba. He posted the same pic on his grid.



    So, there you have it. Sugar Tot and Tater Tot! Love them!!!

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