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22 Reasons Why You Should Be Listening To Alex Winston

Quite possibly your new favorite artist.

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Background: Alex Winston is a 26-year-old from Detroit (but now lives in Brooklyn) who is a truly awesome singer/songwriter/everything. She's probably one of the most underrated pop artists out there right now.


1. The first song you should listen to by Alex Winston is "Velvet Elvis." It's what I like to call "a bop."

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2. Then you should listen to the song "Sister Wife"

3. If you already don't trust me, then maybe you'll trust The Guardian because they are a newspaper and you're the person who only trusts newspapers. They said "Sister Wife", "seems sickly sweet on the surface but, like all good pop, hides a dark core." That's legit!

4. Then watch the "Sister Wife" video. There is a blood spitting stuffed cat. Really.

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5. Now for some "Choice Notes". Listen below. Also the video is cool.


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6. Another cool thing about Alex is that she plays guitar.

7. She's good at Halloween.


9. And appreciates true cinematic classics.

10. Moving onto her flawless album, King Con.

11. Listen to "Fire Ant."


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12. Also "Guts."

13. "Host."

14. "Shock Me."

15. "Benny."

16. "Rum Runspringa."

17. And definitely "Medicine."

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18. "Locomotive" may also be your favorite. The live version below is especially great.

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19. Speaking of live performances, you have to watch this one of "Velvet Elvis" in Berlin.

20. This one of "Choice Notes."

21. And her new song, "101 Vultures."

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22. Ohhh, and this basement cover of Femme's "Heartbeat,"

Sooo, now that you're a fan, if you're in New York, Alex is playing a show on Saturday May 31 at Le Poisson Rouge. You can get tickets here!