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18 Reasons Why Urban Outfitters Is The Worst

If you didn't already know, Urban Outfitters is pretty shitty. Here are 18 reasons why they suck.

  • 1.

  • 2.

  • 3. A bunch of lame old men run it:

  • 4. Fringed boots:

  • 5. Hipster snuggies:

  • 6. They (seriously) want you to wear tiny hats:

  • 7. When things get marked down, they are so drastically marked down it makes you realize how much of a MARK-UP they do when selling retail.


  • 8.

  • 9. The owner, Richard Hayne, is an ultra conservative billionaire. He has donated thousands of dollars to extremely conservative politicians like Rick Santorum. Rick Santorum once said: If we allow gay marriage, next thing you know, people will be marrying gold fish.

  • 10. They won't sell this shirt:

    In 2008, Urban Outfitters started selling this "I Support Same Sex Marriage" shirt. Less than a week after they began selling it, Urban Outfitters yanked it from stores and online claiming they had receieved "too much bad press." Only problem is, there was no bad press. The designer couldnt find any.

  • 11. Bikestaches:

  • 12. They tried selling this:

  • 13. Clip on bangs:

  • 14. From their blog:

  • 15. Ear cuffs:

  • 16. They rip off independent designers:

  • 17. They sell stupid graphic t-shirts like this:

  • 18.