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    19 Reasons Why Therapy Mini Horses Are The Most Amazing Creatures Of All Time

    Mini horses rock, especially therapy ones.

    1. Miniature versions of bigger things are always the best.

    2. Tiny hats fit them perfectly.

    3. They have cool names like "Mozart" and "Cloudburst."

    4. They make old people really happy.

    5. You can rub your head on them and they don't even care.

    6. They basically love when you rub your head on them.

    7. They're like "lap dogs"... but mini horses.

    8. They clean up nicely.

    9. They are friendly with dogs and wear leather jackets.

    10. They're good babysitters.

    11. They are a lot of fun to swim with.

    12. They're never really afraid of giant versions of themselves.

    13. If you trick-or-treat with them you will probably get a lot of candy.

    14. They're pretty patriotic.

    15. They've seen "Grease."

    16. There's a chance one might fall a sleep in your arms.

    17. Even if you're scared of clowns you won't be scared of a mini horse dressed as one.

    18. They make people smile.

    19. They also like Ellen.

    All photos from the Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses Facebook group.