14 Reasons Why You Should Love Rebel Wilson

I love Rebel Wilson and you should too! Get to know her before she becomes a big celeb and stuff.

1. She was secretly the best part of “Bridesmaids”

2. …with some of the best jokes in the movie.

3. She was also really funny in an Australian show called “Bogan Pride”. Check out her pubes.

4. And in another Australian show called “The Wedge”

In this sketch, she plays a teenager going to fat camp.

5. She was the only thing worth watching in “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”

6. And was in the infamous Juggalo episode of “Workaholics”

7. She was Chris Colfer’s best friend in “Struck By Lightning”

8. And is finally going to have a pretty big part in a movie called “Pitch Perfect”

9. In the movie she plays “Fat Amy”… which is an amazing name

She will probably be the best character in the movie

10. Rebel is also a Tina Fey fan

11. Can ride a tricycle

Via ew.com

13. Loves ice cream sandwiches

14. And wore this outfit on the red carpet of Australia’s Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

End of story.

Donut tits!

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