30 Reasons Birth Control Exists

Arguably the most important invention ever.

30. Because televisions shouldn’t be covered in clay:

29. Because no one wants to be insulted by an 8-year-old on SnapChat:

28. Because you shouldn’t have to live in fear:

27. Because who gets stuck in a chair?!?!

26. Because kids are the worst thing that has ever happened to the internet:

25. Seriously, the worst:

24. Because there isn’t a difference between “duckface” and “kissyface”:

23. Because this sign is terrifying:

22. Because it is devastating to see this happen to a bowl of cereal:

21. For the sake of your couch:

20. For the sake of your carpet:

19. For the sake of your lawn:

18. For the sake of your keyboard:

17. For the sake of your kitchen:

16. For the sake of your house:

15. For the sake of your ATV:

14. And most importantly, for the sake of your Doritos:

13. Because someone will have to pick that up:

11. Because no one should ever use a toilet as a Jacuzzi:

10. Because your living room is not a beach:

9. Because spaghetti sauce belongs in the bowl, not the floor:

8. Because mattresses should be used only for sleeping:

7. Because why is this gingerbread house on fire? Gingerbread houses SHOULD NOT be on fire:

6. Because this should have never happened:

5. Because your pets are in danger:

4. Or maybe your pets are the danger:

3. Because glass doors aren’t that difficult to figure out:

2. Because hoses aren’t that hard to figure out either:

1. Because they could grow up to be Carrot Top or Mike Tyson:


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