Rachel Bilson And Nick Viall Admitted They Faked Their Relationship, And It's Funny How Much They Had Everyone Fooled

    "We were messing around, not with each other, but with the internet."

    *Way back* in 2019, there were rumors that Rachel Bilson and former Bachelor star Nick Viall were dating.

    They went out to dinner, left a flirty IG comment, and shit went wild from there.

    The blogs were all over it...

    A headline that says "Is Nick Viall Dating Rachel Bilson? What He Says!"

    From reports of flirty Instagram comments...

    Headline: "You Need To See Nick Viall & Rachel Bilson Flirting On Instagram"

    ...to internet sleuthing.

    Headline: The Internet Suspects That Rachel Bilson and Former 'Bachelor' Nick Viall Are Dating

    Nick told People they "hung out."

    Headline: Nick Viall Confirms He 'Hung Out' with Rachel Bilson at Dinner: 'Her Friends Were There Too'

    And Rachel *didn't* shut down rumors.

    Headline: Rachel Bilson Was Asked If She and Nick Viall Are Dating, and She Didn't Shut the Rumor Down"

    Well, the joke's on us!

    They were doing it for attention.

    Rachel and Josh discussed how they trolled the media on Nick's podcast, Viall's Files.

    They thought of the idea after Rachel appeared on his podcast in 2019.

    “No, Nick and I never dated,” Rachel said.

    Rachel wearing headphone while on Nick's podcasts

    “But we did troll the internet," Nick responded.

    "That was fun. We were messing around, not with each other, but with the internet," Rachel said.

    "We were both epically single and we wanted the attention," Nick said.

    The two had an idea to do a Bachelor podcast together, and they wanted to use the fake relationship as promo.

    But Rachel bailed, so there was no reason to continue the fake relationship.

    So, sorry to these 2019 headlines.

    Nick Viall Plays Coy About Rachel Bilson Rumor: 'I'm not Really Defining Any Relationships"

    That dinner was nothing! They were faking it all along.

    Nick Viall confirms he 'hung out and had dinner' with Rachel Bilson...following dating rumors

    And an extra sorry to all the blogs out there that have to edit their Rachel Bilson dating history posts.