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37 Things Americans Do In Movies/TV Shows That Truly Confuse Non-Americans

The answer to 90% of these is "yes, yes we do."

Welcome to the 4,032nd edition of weird American things. This time we'll focus on some of my all-time favorite things Americans do in movies/TV shows that confuse the hell out of everyone in the world.


Do Americans really grow up with a specific university in mind and call their 'dream school' or is that just a movie trope because it's just so bizarre to me.


do americans complain about fluorescent lights in real life as much as they do in tv


Do Americans really just go to bars and drink like 6 shots of whiskey and call it a night? That’s how Americans drink on tv and it’s weird af


wait do americans actually get fed lunches in schools?? i thought that was just a movie thing???


do americans eat s'mores as much as movies say they do


Do Americans actually have school mascots or is that just a movie thing?


why in shows/films do americans always go to the fridge and get a bottle of water and dramatically drink it in an argument


Do Americans really chug milk out of the carton or is it just a TV show thing


why do americans have so many school dances? are they all real or just stuff that is in movies? like, homecoming, prom, winter formal? are they different? do you have a dance for every season? what is going on?


Why do americans in tv shows say “i went to europe this summer” like WHERE IN EUROPE smh like why not just say which country ???


do americans actually love british accents as much as they do in the movies


do Americans really call their best friends parents Mr and Mrs like they do in movies? Like, girl sleeps over at her besties 3 nights a week and she still says “Hey Mrs Williams” when her second mom walks in the house 🤣


My question to americans is, do cheerleaders in high schools really are like in movies and tv shows? Are they really the prettiest, most popular girls that everyone looks up to? Are they mean girls? Cause that has always been such a cliche omg


Do Americans really have to do physical projects? Like make a paper volcano? Or glue a bunch of shit to cardboard? Or make one of those foam solar systems? And y’all get graded on that? Or is that just in the movies?


Why do Americans in TV and film just hang up without saying anything when they've finished a call? Freaks


Do Americans really eat peanut butter and jam sandwiches or is that just in movies


Do Americans actually eat bacon with their fingers or is that just on films and telly?


Do Americans actually do those projects/assignments like we see on TV Shows & Films like the fake babies, getting ‘married’ to each other and all that 🤔


Do Americans actually pledge allegiance to their flag in school or is that something that happens in films?


Why do Americans in films always greet the person who walks groggily into the kitchen with, "how do you like your eggs?" when they're clearly already in the process of cooking the eggs and thus have decided for them.


Do americans really leave a key under a mat or rock like they do on tv and films? Genuine question


Why do Americans chew pills like they’re sweets in films 😂


do americans actually eat pancakes for breakfast every day or is that just me watching too many tv shows


Do Americans really go to summer camp or is it just in the films


Do Americans really just dump money on the table and walk out instead of paying for their meals, or is this another one of those "American TV makes no sense" things?


Do Americans really refer to their dogs as "pooch" or is it just a TV thing


Do americans really say “knock yourself out” or is it a tv thing


wait do americans really care about the week their birthday is in?


why do americans in tv shows have bottles of water sitting in their fridge


Why do Americans on the TV always have blenders inside of their sinks


Do Americans actually get excited about fireplaces or is that just TV?


But why do Americans on tv always eat meatloaf?? What even is it?


Do Americans drink milk with almost everything or is that just in TVs/movies?


Do Americans really have detention in school or is it just in the movies and TV shows 👀


do americans really dream about having their own reality tv show or is that just in tv and movies


why do Americans in tv shows have really tall glasses but only fill them half way

37. And last but not least...

Why do Americans in tv shows like trucks so much? 😭