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IMPORTANT QUESTION: Has A Bulldog Made You Smile Today?

If a bulldog hasn't made you smile today then you should probably look at this right now.

24. I am sincerely sorry, but you are about to look at 24 photos of English bulldogs.

23. Two of them are sleeping.

22. One of them is bathing.

21. Some of them are cuddling stuffed animals in blue hoodies.

20. Some of them are cuddling stuffed animals without their blue hoodies.

19. Some of them are smaller than the stuffed animals they are cuddling.

18. Some of them are perfect little nuggets.

17. Some of them are mad at you for scrolling too quickly.


15. Some of them have full-time gigs as mannies.

14. Some of them are big brothers.

13. Some of them are big sisters.

12. Some of them operate heavy machinery.

11. Some of them refuse to tell anyone how old they are because they have issues with aging.

10. Some of them are really glam and into flashy jewelry.

9. Some of them believe in positive reinforcement.

8. Some of them appear to be too cute to be real.

7. Some of them wear fedoras while vacationing in the tropics.

6. Some of them are too lazy to get up.

5. Some of them just like to sit and stare.

4. Some of them hate when you take their picture.

3. Some of them are a little too obsessed with Toy Story.

2. Some of them are into heavy petting.

1. And some of them are too cute for their own good.

And there you have it.

Now when someone asks you: "Has a bulldog made you smile today?" You can say: "HECK YES THEY HAVE."

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