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    Posted on Jun 21, 2017

    This Video Of Britney Spears Meeting Thai Children Will Melt Your Already Rotting Heart

    This video made me believe in being nice to children again, too.

    Britney Spears is known by many things: The queen of Googling things to post on Instagram, an indie fashion model who models exclusively in her living room for dogs, a passionate Starbucks aficionado, a lover of tea cups, the literal best part of Las Vegas, a proud mother of two budding DJs, a cool aunt, a person who is too relevant, and, most importantly: a great friend.

    Ipggutenbergukltd / Getty Images

    I can just hear this group of multi-ethnic people cheering with arms raised, "BRITNEY WE LOVE YOU. WE FORGIVE YOU FOR BR*TNEY J*EAN."

    Well, we have another accomplishment to add to her already robust list of personality features and accomplishments.

    So, as you probably know by the dozens of BuzzFeed Britney Spears posts we shit out every day, Britney is currently performing on a wildly successful tour of Asia. Yesterday, she arrived in Thailand and was greeted by two very tiny stans.

    The video of their interaction. is. so. FLIPPIN. adorable.

    Like this video not only cleared my skin, but it also de-clogged my arteries, gave me energy, and brought my divorced aunt and uncle back together again.

    OK ENOUGH. Here's the video. Don't skip it could change your sad life.

    Britney greeting 2 kids when she arrived in Bangkok today! 🇹🇭

    Also, let's just appreciate Britney being relatable. She has worn that top, like, a lot.

    In conclusion, thank you for being you, Britney. Thank you 🌸

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