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    Posted on Jun 19, 2017

    Here's *The Secret* To How Britney Spears Finds Her Instagram Pictures

    Pay attention, people. Pay attention.

    Britney Spears is currently on a world tour selling out arenas in Asia nearly 20 years into her incredibly successful and relevant career.

    Osaka Concert is SOLD OUT! Britney Spears sold out all 3 of her shows in Japan (42,000 tickets) 🇯🇵

    The other night she played to a crowd of 10,000 in the Phillippines because she is, in fact, too relevant.

    Britney Spears show in Manila is SOLD OUT #BritneySpearsMNL #BritneyLiveInConcert

    Like this is literally a video of hundreds of people singing a nearly 20-year-old song for literally no reason (besides the fact that they were at a Britney Spears concert and it just ended lol). Manila, you are really THAT city.

    Britney's sold out crowd in Manila singing 'Sometimes' as they leave the venue, 20 years into her career btw 💖

    BUT ANYWAY, what does someone with so much relevancy do when she's not selling out arenas in the Philippines?

    Well, besides, you know, doing emails, she goes on Instagram.

    The Time Out With Britney DVD

    And how does she find her Instagrams? I'll show you. Here is the secret.

    Kayann / Getty Images

    It goes like this:

    So, Britney posted this picture today of a cat playing chess.

    She went on this website:


    Then she searched:


    Then she looked at her selection...

    ...until she found a photo that triggered a particular emotion.

    She probably made this face...

    ...and thought to herself, "You know what? I really need to share this photo of a kitten playing chess with my literal millions of followers."

    She clicked the icon for her Instagram app.


    Then she thought of an insightful caption.

    Britney's insta

    She pressed share...

    ...and definitely thought to herself:

    BOOM! And there you have it! Britney Spears uses a website called "Google" to search for "kitten playing chess" to find her Instagrams.


    The end.

    H/T: Miguel Ceron for this revelation.

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