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Is "Pubes" Officially The Worst Word In The English Language?

Move over moist, there's a new girl in town and she doesn't fuck around.

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Move over "moist," fuck off "fingering, and "panties," you have been CANCELED. You're all over! There's a new HBIC in town and her name is "pubes."

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Yep, "pubes!"

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Grab your girls and spread the word, "pubes" is officially the worst word.

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How did we find this out?

Well, in a truly shocking BuzzFeed poll, like I was genuinely surprised, "pubes" crushed the veteran worst word champs "moist" and "panties."


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And you know what, I agree. "Pubes" is an awful word not only the plural but also in the singular. "Pube," while "cuter" sounding, may be even worse!

What's worse than hearing, "Cowabunga dudettes, I *think* there's a pube in my food!"

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What's even worse is realizing you've been eating food with a pube in it the entire time.

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"I was gonna floss once I finished eating! Not now!"

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But back to "pubes."

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It sends luh-jit shivers down my spine thinking about a friend coming out of a bathroom and screaming, "Damn, that thing was COVERED in pubes."

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That being said, "pubes" are not the enemy here. They only become "the enemy" when they are detached from the body and wreak havoc on your social spaces.

We have to live with stray pubes, fine. They'll always be around, OK. Full disclosure: I even have a #noshave stance! But that doesn't mean we need to live with this name.

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Please leave a suggestion for an alternate name in the comments. And thank you for your precious time. We wouldn't be anywhere without you #pubewarriors.

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