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    62 Pictures That Will Make No Sense To Anyone Under 25

    I know I'm biased, but the late '90s and early 2000s will be looked back on as the golden age of technology.

    1. This picture of Destiny's Child wearing sexy Girl Scout uniforms to the Kid's Choice Awards.

    they have sexy girl scout uniforms on

    2. This picture of a half naked man outside of an Abercrombie store.

    A shirtless man in flip-flops

    3. This picture of Steve Jobs holding up an iPod Mini as if it was Simba in The Lion King.

    Steve Jobs holding an iPod

    4. This picture of five wholesome all-American boys who really, really love their flag.

    nsync the band wrapped up in american flags

    5. This picture of people divvying up Beanie Babies in court as part of their divorce settlement.

    Two couples fight over beanie baby custody

    6. This picture of grown women losing their minds over a new Beanie drop.

    a group of people freaking out over beanie babies

    7. This picture of another grown woman desperate to trade her beaded animal.

    A woman holding Beanie Babies and a sign

    8. This picture of a man surrounded by the queen jewel of Beanies: the Princess Diana bear.

    A man with Beanie Babies

    9. This picture of Ja Rule and Nelly losing it over one of those transparent iMacs.

    Nelly and Ja Rule using an iMac

    10. This picture of a man burying Tamagotchis.

    a man buries his Tamagotchis

    11. I'm not kidding, this was a Tamagotchi cemetery.

    A closeup of a dead Tamagotchi in a shallow grave

    12. This picture of Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson hawking "dessert" flavored edible lotions.

    At a press conference

    13. This picture of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez arguing over the movie they just rented from Blockbuster.

    ben and jen walking out of blockbuster clearly in a fight

    14. This picture of paparazzi taking pictures of Spice Girls dolls.

    many photographers taking pictures of dolls

    15. This picture of Paris Hilton and her sister proudly wearing graphic tees with casual drug references.

    paris and nicky hilton with got blow shirts

    16. This picture of Angelina Jolie kissing her brother.

    Angelina Jolie kissing her brother

    17. This picture of Mary-Kate and Ashley in front of their fashion and entertainment empire.

    Mary-Kate and Ashley at their store

    18. This picture of a woman extremely concerned with Chris Kirkpatrick's hair journey.

    a nsync fan with a whats next for chris' hair sign

    19. This picture of Aaron Carter grinding in between Kelly and Beyoncé.

    at the AMAs aaron in the middle

    20. This picture of Michelle Williams questioning her life.

    Michelle Williams and Aaron Carter

    21. This picture of Jason Momoa in all his Baywatch glory.

    at a Baywatch Hawaii screening

    22. This picture of Lindsay Lohan proudly showing off her webcam.

    lindsay lohan at a gifting suite

    23. This picture of an older Claymate.

    A woman holding a Clay Aiken sign

    24. This picture of a younger Claymate.

    A man holding a Clay Aiken CD

    25. And this picture of a horny Claymate.

    a clay aiken fan wearing a shirt about her ovaries

    26. This picture of those AOL free trial discs that were everywhere.

    AOL free trial discs

    27. This picture of Charlize Theron's teeny tiny bangs.

    The bangs are all chopped up and very short

    28. This picture of NSYNC waiting to go on a wagon ride.

    NSYNC on a wagon

    29. This picture of Chris Kirkpatrick's "pineapple head."


    30. This picture of Christina Aguilera in a very interesting outfit.

    Christina Aguilera on the red carpet

    31. This picture of Britney Spears in a very interesting outfit.

    Britney Spears on the red carpet

    32. This picture of Destiny's Child in their finest American flag couture.

    Destiny's Child

    33. This picture of Beyoncé proudly standing behind Ronald McDonald as if they're about to go to war together.

    Destiny's Child with Ronald McDonald

    34. This picture of tweens with questionable signs outside the TRL studios.

    fans holding a i wanna be bad sign

    35. This picture of Tom Green petting Sisqó while holding a coffee maker.

    Sisqo and Tom Green

    36. This picture of Sisqó aggressively holding up a thong.

    Sisqo holding a thong

    37. This picture of Kelly Clarkson modeling the very popular jeans under a dress trend.

    kelly clarkson wearing jeans under a dress

    38. This picture of a man with a week's worth of rentals.

    A man in Blockbuster holding videos

    39. This picture of the cutting edge Hit Clips technology.

    Hit Clips products

    40. This picture of Kim Kardashian doing some toilet paper promo.

    Kim Kardashian doing promotion for Charmin

    41. This picture of Missy Elliott in her iconic blow-up latex outfit.

    Missy Elliott onstage

    42. This picture of Left Eye wearing ski goggles while she's obviously not skiing.

    lisa left eye lopes with ski goggles

    43. This picture of Lindsay Lohan proudly showing off her digital camera.

    Lindsay Lohan snapping a photo

    44. This picture of some Victoria's Secret models scrolling through their digital camera pics.

    Women in robes looking at their cameras

    45. This picture of Kanye West accessorizing his outfit with his iPod Nano.

    Kanye West holding an iPod Nano

    46. Just, like, these iHome speakers.

    iHome speakers

    47. This picture of Jimmy Fallon making fun of Enrique Iglesias' mole.

    Jimmy Fallon

    48. This picture of Jimmy Fallon with a "Free Martha Stewart" shirt.

    Jimmy Fallon wearing a shirt saying, "Free Martha Stewart."

    49. This picture of Pete Wentz with the epitome of wealth: a Sidekick.

    Pete Wentz holding up his phone

    50. This picture of Kim Kardashian hanging off of Paris Hilton before she was famous.

    kim kardashian is hanging off of paris hilton

    51. This picture of Kim Kardashian watching Paris Hilton chug an energy drink.

    paris is chugging an energy drink

    52. This picture of Paris Hilton making Kim Kardashian hold up stuffed kangaroos so the paparazzi could take pictures of her kissing it.

    kim holding up a kangaroo for paris

    53. And this picture of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian staring at a small child.

    kim and paris staring at a child

    54. This picture of Aaron Paul in his late '90s glory.

    Aaron Paul on the red carpet

    55. This picture of Ben Stiller and his Livestrong bracelet.

    Ben Stiller clapping

    56. This picture of President Obama holding up his Blackberry.

    Barack Obama holding up his phone

    57. This picture of Eva Longoria and Kevin Connolly taking a janky selfie with their Blackberry.

    Eva Longoria and Kevin Connelly

    58. This picture of a burnt CD.

    Someone holding a Discman

    59. This picture of fake Russian lesbians kissing.

    Tatu onstage

    60. This picture of a man listening to a new release at a CD kiosk station.

    A man listening to a CD

    61. This picture of Anne Hathaway with a large clown tie.

    anna hathaway with a large white clown tie

    62. And lastly, this picture of the new King of England being messed around with by real Queens of England.

    The Spice Girls and the King of England