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21 Things That Are Apparently Supposed To Keep Kids And Teachers Safe In School

Not sure how to feel about this.

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Across the United States, schools are trying to figure out how best to reopen and how best to ensure the safety of their students and teachers.

Teachers in particular are scrambling to get their classrooms ready, since it seems as if every day they have to adapt or shift what they have planned for the upcoming year to meet district requirements.

This is what some districts (and every district is different) have provided to keep their teachers safe:

1. A "year's supply" of PPE:

This is the “Years Supply of PPE” teachers were promised. #werescrewed ⁦@AsaHutchinson⁩

2. A mask with a hole for your nose:

THIS is the “mask” that the state of Tennessee has given to K-12 teachers. I’m so done.


Would just like to shout out Tennessee Department of Education for graciously supplying masks to their teachers. Side note- the masks are made out of the front of boys underpants. See photo evidence from our teacher hero @dosomethinJAMIE

3. A bottle of mystery cleaner and bring-your-own masks:

this is my district provided PPE for the start of school: - a bottle of mystery cleaner - a box of gloves - one (1) bottle of foaming hand sanitizer - a face shield. Masks are required, but I have to provide my own.

4. A face shield, some wipes, and a bottle of sanitizer:

@DrJessicaScott This is the extent of PPE given to LRSD teachers. Some districts told teachers to supply their own. Other districts have no orders received

5. Sixteen large gloves:

6. Some tissues and paper towels:

a picture of some tissues, a paper towel roll, and some cleaning fluid

7. Whatever this thing is:

This is the PPE given to the teachers in our district. A swank suburb of Chicago. Slim odds school is starting in person in 3 weeks.

8. A piece of cardboard:

STA 6th grade teachers practice and plan using new classroom PPE. We’re all getting ready to finally see our Wildcats in person, again! #stasuccess #stastrong

9. A 10-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer:

I just got one 10oz bottle of hand sanitizer for 120 HS students/day. Bye bye classroom funds, buying my own PPE now...

10. A small piece of plastic:

Just spent $80 of my own money to build a plexiglass shield that will actually fit my desk instead of the small piece of plastic my school district provided

11. One jug of hand sanitizer, one mask, one face shield, and one pack of alcohol wipes:


12. A single pack of tissues, a small bottle of hand sanitizer, one mask, and a notebook with a pen:

Here is the faculty PPE kit provided by my institution, which is requiring me to return to the classroom on Monday. A one-layer cotton mask, a door handle gripper, 1 oz of sanitizer, a single pack of Kleenex, a palm-tree shaped pen, and a journal.

13. A small pack of alcohol wipes:

@DWUhlfelderLaw And this is the PPE they supplied to the teachers (scissors for scale).

14. A single spray bottle and a reminder to wash your hands:

@Supt_Hoffman @AZDHS Here is a little up date that we were notified yesterday of our sanitization kits will not be here for another 4 weeks, as teachers we have to take temperatures out side our classroom doors, and will be in charge of sanitizing our rooms. Here is what the gave us yesterday.

15. A thermometer and a bottle of hand sanitizer:

PPE kit from SLU for TAs. But I don't feel any safer... #AcademicChatter #phdchat @AcademicChatter

16. A surgical mask and some hand sanitizer:

@ArkansasSafe @AsaHutchinson @AjitPaiFCC My PPE from Little Rock School District! Looks like you obviously don’t value my life or my students 🤷‍♀️

17. A big roll of paper towels:

@ShellyMBoulder @SaskiaPopescu @jeromeusa @eliowa All the best solutions in the world won’t work if they assume an ideal political reality that doesn’t exist. Whether right or not, school districts are on their own. Teacher friend sent me this photo of her district-issued PPE for starting school. 9/n

18. Two disposable masks, two reusable masks, and one face shield:

So, Texas Education Agency said they would provide teachers with PPE to help make them safer in Texas. They were going to send pallets full. I received 2 disposable masks, 2 reusable, and 1 face shield. That is it.

19. One bottle of hand sanitizer, a small pack of wipes, and a face shield:

We (LRSD teachers)got our PPE today. A single face shield, a small pack of wipes, and one bottle of hand sanitizer. Not even a mask. This is how @AsaHutchinson and @JohnnyKey_AR plan on protecting teachers. Schools aren’t ready and our kids aren’t safe. Start remote or not at all

20. A leaking bottle of hand sanitizer:

The PPE my school district so generously supplied me for the entire school year. 1 homemade face shield, a leaking bottle of hand sanatizer, 1 pair of gloves, and a saturated 1 layer mask. Kids were back to school today

21. A bottle of "sanitizing material":

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