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    People Are Mocking How Pathetic The Plexiglass Dividers At The Vice Presidential Debate Are

    "The plexiglass at McDonald's is more substantive."

    As you may possibly know by now, the White House is having a bit* of an internal coronavirus problem.

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    *A "bit" is obviously an understatement. Many people, including the president and those close to him, have tested positive for the virus.

    Vice President Pence has since tested negative and is supposed to debate Senator Kamala Harris tonight in Salt Lake City.

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    At first, Pence's team was against any sort of plexiglass divider, but the two sides have come to an agreement.

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    Politico reported that there are going to be pieces of plexiglass dividing Pence, Harris, and the moderator.

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    They're also going to be sitting 13 feet away from each other as opposed to the originally planned seven feet.

    And now we know what that looks like:

    Good morning from inside the site of tonight’s Pence-Harris vice presidential debate.


    Eric Baradat / Getty Images

    That's it.

    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    That's all.

    Eric Baradat / Getty Images

    And people on Twitter are saying how questionable it all seems.

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    "Wow that plexiglass looks like it'll totally work."

    wow that plexiglass looks like it'll totally work.

    "Salad bars at chain restaurants have more plexiglass protection."

    @LEBassett Salad bars at chain restaurants have more plexiglass protection

    "The plexiglass at McDonalds is more substantive."

    The plexiglass at McDonalds is more substantive.

    This person said they wouldn't even eat a meal outdoors in these conditions.

    @GeoffRBennett This setup would barely make me comfortable to eat a meal out in the open air, let alone engage in a 90-minute full-throated debate indoors with someone known to have been exposed to the virus.

    This person called it a "set decoration."

    I wouldn't call that Plexiglass thing a "barrier. It looks more like set decoration. #CancelTheDebate

    And this person compared it to poison ivy.

    @david_darmofal That plexiglass wouldn't prevent poison ivy.

    Basically, the overwhelming sentiment is: Is this a joke?

    Uhhhhhhh, is this a joke???? Do they really think this laughable plexiglass set up is enough?? Can someone please inquire about their ventilation and filtration set up in this hall????

    And ultimately, "Why not just do this on Zoom?"

    Very questionable set-up. That plexiglass looks useless, and it doesn't look like sufficient distance between candidates. Why not just do this on Zoom?

    Either way, I guess this is our new reality. We can only wait and see what happens.

    the plexiglass thing is so fucking weird ... it’s like in star trek when they pretend the ships can’t just go around each other

    The debate airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET.