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Terrifying Fact: NSYNC Is Now 20 Years Old


Holy Jesum. 666. Scary thing: NSYNC is 20 years old.

20. Years. Old.

20 years ago today I met some of the coolest dudes on the planet! Wow how time flies! Happy 20th #NSYNC!! … http://t.co/yXaR5pZZEM

I will say it once more for clarity and posterity, NSYNC has been around for 20 years. If they were a person, they would be going into their junior year of college. If they were a decade, they would be turning 2. They are older than Kylie Jenner.

That's 20 years of being wrapped in Christmas tree lights.

20 years of frosted tips.

20 years of tiny baby tees.

20 years of who the fuck even knows.

20 years of being (literally) America's sweethearts.

20 years of mixed camo and bulletproof vests.

20 years of mild S&M leather play.

20 years of Lord only knows what's going on in this photo.

20 years of this cheetah really not wanting to be there.

20 years of puffy silver vests and awkward hand movements.

20 years of du-rags and braces.

20 years of coordinated outfits for Sears family photo shoots.

And 20 years of Chris Kirkpatrick being pervert 69 AF.

*Listens to "Bye Bye Bye," does hand choreography*

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*Has an emotional experience during JC's riffs in "This I Promise You"*

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*Worships Chris Kirkpatrick's pineapple head*

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Now please go on a reunion tour or do something. ANYTHING.