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    11 Rules For Life

    Improve your life now. NOW!!!

    1. If you see a school of sting rays, then go the other way.

    Same goes for a lady with American flag contacts.


    2. Never trust a guy named "Pizza".

    Or meatrocket8

    There's a pretty good chance he's been on To Catch A Predator.

    3. If you see a cold wet baby elephant, give him a raincoat.

    4. Never take fashion advice from Kevin Smith.

    5. Use your head.

    6. Stay fly.

    7. Avoid all geese.

    They will kill you.

    8. Vicariously and bicuriously are two very different words. Use them wisely.

    9. Never



    Not even once.

    10. Fat guys in kiddie pools.

    Always funny.

    11. And finally...

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