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18 Pictures That Show Just How Well "Social Distancing" Has Been Working In New York City

Hint: Not very well.

You've probably seen pictures of iconic New York City landmarks like Times Square empty by now.

That's because practically no one lives there.

never seen Times Square so empty at 3:30pm

1. Local neighborhoods are still business as usual.

It seems many New Yorkers are going outside and NOT staying 6 feet apart (I know it’s hard to do in NYC that’s why it should be happening as little as possible!) #SocialDistancing #shutdownNYC #StayHomeSaveLives

2. Crowds on the street.

THIS is exactly why we need stricter rules in place in NYC. This just happened! Zero #SocialDistancing in #nyc With hundreds of new cases each day, these asymptomatic ppl are carriers spreading this around town in groups like this! WTF don’t they understand about #StayTheFHome

3. Lines at Trader Joe's.

@BrianLehrer @NYCMayor Yesterday in BK. This doesn’t seem like safe #SocialDistancing #TraderJoes

4. Lines at Best Buy.

Social distancing outside @BestBuy. Only allowing a few customers in at a time in nyc. Store closes in 30.

5. Apparently huge "lines" were exempt from social distancing rules.

6. People are still blocking sidewalks.

7. You'd never know we were in the midst of a pandemic.

@NYCMayor please save lives and put a curfew and a mandatory stay at home. This was the Bronx today, zero social distancing. Streets were packed and so were the stores- people in the local neighborhoods do not stay indoors.

8. Parks are crowded.

Is this what you consider social distancing?? #UES #CarlSchurzPark #NYC #coronavirus

9. Kids are scootering.

10. Basketball courts are full.

@NYGovCuomo @NYCMayor does social distancing not apply if you want to play basketball, use public workout equipment, or swing on the monkey bars 🤔

11. Everyone is out exercising.

This isn’t social distancing. Why are the lights still on? @NYCParks @NYCMayor @AOC @JimmyVanBramer If restaurants, bars and theaters are shut down, there’s no reason the park is supporting this. Note: earlier today it was even worse. #FlattenTheCurve

12. Tourists are shopping.

Right Mayor DeBlasio....... #nyc #socialdistancing #tourists

13. They're still even operating the double decker tour buses.

Ahhhhh yes Mayor De Blasio yessss, hunker down the good law abiding people & keep tourism alive & less than 6-8’ social distancing apart albeit bus top #nyc #mayordeblasio #hypocrisy #tourism

14. Some subway cars are still crowded.

15. Some stations are full.

16. It's just business as usual in NYC.

@NYGovCuomo In Jackson Heights nobody do any anti-epidemic measures!! Please shutdown the city!!

17. Social distancing is working so well here.

Social distancing last night on the Upper West Side of NYC, where, not incidentally, public school is still in session. It was an unseasonably warm March night and every restaurant I saw was busy, indoors and out.

18. I just hope everyone is washing their hands.


A tweet has been replaced of a crowded train car with another tweet of a crowded train car because the original tweet of a crowded train car might have not been in NYC.