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16 Pictures That Show How Terribly Social Distancing Is Going In South Carolina

"I have never seen this parking lot sooo full... not even on Black Friday!"

South Carolina is one of a handful of states that still hasn't issued a statewide shelter in place order.


They also received a "D" for social distancing.

After a busy beach weekend, the governor finally closed access to beaches.

Surfside Beach SC yesterday. South Carolina needs to shut down the beaches

But here's how things are still looking:

1. People are out casually shopping.

@henrymcmaster Does this look like Social distancing to you? People are out here shopping like is a vacation or something. It puts your constituents in harm's way, and ensuring this virus keeps spreading. Please I'm begging you to issue a mandatory shelter in place order!

2. Parking lots are full.

@henrymcmaster Sir this is a far cry from social distancing. It looks like every other Saturday in our town. Please governor Help

3. It's like every single person decided to do a project.

@jeremieweldin @henrymcmaster He's NOT wrong. This was the Lowe's in neighboring North Charleston this past weekend. Packed. Almost zero social distancing.

4. It's almost impossible to enforce any social distancing rules.

@henrymcmaster Is this the social distancing you are enforcing? When are you going to do something!!!!

5. Churches are having services.

@henrymcmaster @scdhec @LindseyGrahamSC people are still going to church. Social distancing is not working. We need to be shut down! #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #shutdownSCnow #lockdownsouthcarolina

6. People are golfing.

@henrymcmaster look at that social distancing... haha.. should be shutting down golf courses

7. They're having beer pong parties.

8. People are still meeting on the beaches.

9. Lines are chaotic.


10. People are playing soccer.

@henrymcmaster More Social distancing in Greenville County. Yeah, that Greenville. Over a group of three and no where near 6 feet apart. And we have no idea who is sick. Maybe all of them. #ShelterInPlaceSC


@henrymcmaster Lowe’s on Saturday morning. People are not staying home or self distancing @Lowes


@henrymcmaster social distancing???? Groups of three????? Or are “spring cleaning projects” more important?? #COVID @GVLtoday

13. The DMV is crowded.

@henrymcmaster Over 1.5 hours at the DMV. There’s not a whole lot of social distancing.

14. The lines are out of control.

@henrymcmaster social distancing at the SCDMV #COVID19

15. People just don't care.

@henrymcmaster how long do you ignore people ignoring you and actually enforce the social distancing required to flatten the curve? #CoronaUpdate #Covid_19

16. Basically every single person is just living life normally. This picture was captioned: "I have never seen this parking lot sooo full... not even on Black Friday!"

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