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    30 Photos Showing The Restoration Of Detroit

    Detroit's comeback.

    When you see pictures of Detroit you're usually bombarded with images of broken-down houses and abandoned buildings.

    But it's not all like that. There are good things happening and buildings are being repurposed, built, and re-used.

    Here's some examples of that thanks to Google Maps and Detroit Urbex. Detroit Urbex currently has an amazing feature up about the rise, fall, and restoration of Detroit. Check it out here.

    Kendrick Manufacturing Co. Then

    Kendrick Manufacturing Co. Now

    The Kendrick Manufacturing Co. was converted into a prep school in 2009.

    Grand Army of the Republic Building Then

    Grand Army of the Republic Building Now

    Built in 1898, the Grand Army of the Republic Building was vacant since 1982, but is now being built into offices and retail space.

    Hotel Fort Shelby Then

    Hotel Fort Shelby Now

    Opened in 1917, closed in the 1980s, and vacant since 1998, Hotel Fort Shelby was restored in 2008 by DoubleTree Suites.

    Hotel Fort Shelby Ballroom Then

    Hotel Fort Shelby Ballroom Now

    The Book-Cadillac Hotel Then

    The Book-Cadillac Hotel Now

    Built in 1917, the Book-Cadillac Hotel was mostly open until the mid-'80s. In the late 2000s the building was gut renovated and today stands as a Westin Hotel.

    The Book-Cadillac Hotel Dining Room Then

    The Book-Cadillac Hotel Dining Room Now

    Dequindre Cut Greenway Then

    Dequindre Cut Greenway Now

    The Dequindre Cut Greenway is currently being converted into a walking and biking trail.

    Third Precinct Police Station Then

    Third Precinct Police Station Now

    The third precinct station closed in 2005 and was re-opened by an arts group in 2009.

    The Outside Of The Third Precinct Police Station Then

    The Outside Of The Third Precinct Police Station Now

    Orchestra Hall Then

    Orchestra Hall Now

    The Orchestra Hall was vacant for more than 20 years before it re-opened in the early 1970s.

    Cleveland Intermediate School Then

    Cleveland Intermediate School Now

    Closed in the late '90s and re-opened in 2009 when a charter school reoccupied the building.

    Cleveland Intermediate School Library Then

    Cleveland Intermediate School Library Now

    Studebaker Plant Then

    Studebaker Plant Now

    The building was abandoned because of a massive fire in the '90s but was recently renovated into a place to live for homeless veterans.

    Seville Apartments Then

    Seville Apartments Now

    The building was vacant for 10 years before it was renovated in 2012.

    111 Clairmount Street Then

    111 Clairmount Street Now

    Correction: The Dequindre Cut Greenway was switched. Thanks for pointing that out in the comments. I love you all.