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25 Pictures That Show How Much The Texas Government Failed The People Of Texas

Ted Cruz is in CANCUN.

In case you haven't heard, Senator Ted Cruz fled Texas during one of the state's worst natural disasters ever.

Colleague Paul Steinhauser confirms GOP TX Sen Ted Cruz traveled to Cancun amid the TX storm/power outages. GOP Source: “the photos speak for themselves”

Twitter: @ChadPergram

Where did he go? Sunny Cancun!

@GregAbbott_TX @tedcruz Ted Cruz & @heidiscruz boarding a flight to Cancun, while millions of Texans are freezing and without power.

Yes, to the beach.

Well Senator Cruz is flying to Cancun while millions of Texans do not have electricity #Priorities #ThanksforNothingSenator @ProjectLincoln @keithedwards @shannonrwatts

Looks nice!

Let's remind you what Texans are dealing with...

1. Ceilings are caving in:

@contrashelby It’s seriously so ridiculous here rn. We haven’t had power for a full day in like 4 days now. And yesterday we woke up to this in our kitchen. My roommates room also got flooded from a busted pipe as well. Our infrastructure was not built for this shit 😭

Twitter: @ChelbyGriffin

2. Homes are being destroyed:

My people in Houston though🥺🙏🏾 #PrayForTexas

Twitter: @teri_saunders7

3. 100-year-olds are freezing in their own homes:

My grandma— a 100 year old lifelong Republican(turned Democrat in 2016), wife of WWII veteran, freezing in her own home #AbbottFailedTexas

Twitter: @ikigai1944

4. People are storing snow because they have no water:

Say wallahi people in Texas are doing this 😭

Twitter: @lookoverher

5. Pregnant women are stuck camping in their living rooms:

Keeping our little precious warm during these #houstonpoweroutage - my little Cherlene snuggled up in our tent pitched in our living room - staying warm during #houstonfreeze - this has been some trying times being 37 weeks pregnant... #Houston

Twitter: @realtamipotter

6. People are literally burning their furniture to stay warm:

Some people are burning their furniture to stay warm. I’m sure they’d rather be in Cancun with @SenTedCruz.

Twitter: @KurisuS

7. They're burning their kid's toys:

My niece in #Texas . Burning kids toys and furniture to keep the kids warm. They went 2 days w/o power. Got a hotel room yesterday afternoon. #GregAbbottFailedTexas

Twitter: @HallYeah73

8. This person had to chop up their dresser just to stay warm:

@janetjanssen @chrislhayes I chopped up a dresser. Untreated pine I planned to paint. My procrastination finally paid off. 😂 Got us through the dark hours. I had fire watch all night 😴 Got to feed our neighbors today too. Really thankful for chance to share our blessings. 🥰

Twitter: @MedaiPatina

9. People are waiting in lines to fill up buckets of water:

This is not a third world country. This is Houston, Texas. I spotted a line of people filing up buckets of water from a spicket at Haden Park. Why? Millions either have no water or are under a Boil Water Advisory.

Twitter: @EricaOnABC13

10. Buildings look like a scene straight out of Titanic:

FREEZING IN TEXAS: Water cascades down the stairs and out the doors of an apartment building in Austin after pipes burst amid winter weather. https://t.co/taQ0jgniiT

Twitter: @ABC

11. I mean, this is happening in a HOSPITAL:

@dremilyportermd Texas Health Presbyterian in Dallas

Twitter: @Ekydoog_Cire

12. Food in grocery stores is going bad and just being tossed:

@janetjanssen Kroger in Arlington TX, throwing stuff out in the cold.

Twitter: @ronstor

13. Windows are solid ice:

Now on 40 hours without electricity. Everything in our fridge is ruined. We put some food outside to stay frozen. Our only candle for light is almost out. Texas ain't doing so hot right now especially us about an hour out from Dallas. This was our bedroom window.

Twitter: @bellepoyu

14. Roads are still not plowed:

@NoTrumpJewel @janetjanssen This was a major highway in Monday, after the snow stopped. Now everything is ice. No salt. No plows.

Twitter: @TexBetsy

15. People are quite literally buying wood at Home Depot to stay alive:

@GregAbbott_TX People are purchasing wood at Home Depot to stay alive! You need to move faster.

Twitter: @albertayala75

16. They're living in tents in their living rooms:

3 hours of power/heat since Sunday— living in a tent in our living room #TexasFreeze #Texas #GregAbbott #GregAbbottFailedTexas #FreezingInTexas

Twitter: @LisaLamkin13

17. People are trying to stay warm with one single fire log:

Another night in the living room tent with no power. Sad little starter burning as we only have one firelog left.

Twitter: @justexpressive

18. Considering themselves "lucky" even if they don't have water:

@janetjanssen @chrislhayes 24 hours of no water. Intermittent power. And we are one of the lucky ones.

Twitter: @OldATXsoccerguy

19. Apartments are flooding:

@HannaBattahFox4 I am so thankful my nephew took me in after staying 2 days in apartment without power only to be waken by early call apartment flooding from pipe burst so rushed home. Now homeless while insurance try to find me lodging.

Twitter: @TonnettD

20. The buildings can't handle the stress:

Well, here’s what made me cry yesterday. This is the lobby of George Allen Courthouse yesterday. I’ve heard there are other leaks but don’t have confirmation. Video was taken by essential staff but I don’t know whom to credit.

Twitter: @BellanMelissa

21. And those lucky enough to make it to hotels are finding their own problems:

The hotel I’m at in Houston #prayfortexas #AbbottFailedTexas

Twitter: @bobadazzz

22. By the way, all of this is happening during the pandemic too:

@EvilMopacATX Honestly you’re right. We were without power two days, pipes burst, apartment flooding, and apartment maintenance came rushing in and there were 6 of us now altogether mask-less. Real-time worries superseded long term worries at that moment 😞

Twitter: @Ekydoog_Cire

23. So with no end in sight, there isn't much for people to do:

Day 5 still no improvements. Still losing power every few hours

Twitter: @DopeChubbyChick

24. No power, no water, no heat:

12 °c outdoors 41°f indoors No power No hot water No heating No appliances No internet 40+ hours Surviving #SnowStorm2021 #pandemic #offline #flooding #evacuation #AustinPowerOutage ..Disaster gets worse the water pipe in the roof bursts, flooded my apt >evacuation #luckyescape

Twitter: @AnilPattni

25. People in Texas need help:

this is exactly why those “it’s just some snow” jokes are not fucking funny. we get it, but texas doesn’t have the capabilities/infrastructure for this kind of weather. it’s entirely bigger than other states think. i’m gonna post his cash app in the thread pls, anything will help

Twitter: @mhizz_bee

Hopefully Ted Cruz is having a nice vacation.

Just confirmed @SenTedCruz and his family flew to Cancun tonight for a few days at a resort they've visited before. Cruz seems to believe there isn't much for him to do in Texas for the millions of fellow Texans who remain without electricity/water and are literally freezing.

Twitter: @DavidShuster